A Quiet Corner of Sand

She had finally found her way to the beach.  The break was needed more than anyone could understand.  It had been a chaotic year, to say the least.  The scary part…it was going to become crazy in a whole different way.

With her director leaving, she would become the interim director, pulling double duty as director and manager for one department.  It was going to be another carefully choreographed balancing act.  She wasn’t sure if it was a good or bad thing having juggled so much for so long.  In the past few years, she had succeeded at keeping everything balanced, but this time would require a different kind of focus and effort.

Her director had insisted she take vacation before she assumed the interim role, so she planned a beach getaway.  She needed the salt air, sounds of seagulls and crashing waves, the sand between her toes and the wind upon her skin to help her unwind and recharge.  She knew she needed the break and jumped at the opportunity to take the offered week and scoot to the coast.

The very first day, she decided to take a long walk.  She smiled and waved at others enjoying the sand and sea.  She giggled watching the children playing in the waves.  She could feel the stress leaving her body with each breath of salt air she inhaled.  Occasionally she would stop, run her fingers through her hair and just look out into the sea.  She felt the ocean giving her strength again.  She was refilling her bucket.

As she walked along, she found a secluded area of beach.  There were just enough trees to offer some shade.  A quiet corner with no one else around this time of day.  Without a second thought, she laid back in the sand, not caring that she didn’t have a beach towel with her.  As she nestled herself into the sand, she looked up through the overhanging limbs and watched the clouds move through the sky.  A soft sigh escaped her lips as she felt the sun begin to warm her skin and sea breeze begin to dry the beads of sweat that were forming.

“A perfect little hideaway before the walk back to the house.  This…this is exactly what I needed, ” she thought to herself.  This was her simple reward.


Swimwear: Ariskea Oceane Bikini (Top: Pink; Bottom: Kiwi) available at Frou Frou

Hair: Truth Lake (blond)

Accessories: Cae Shoreline Earrings, Love Letters Necklace, Engraved Bracelet Friends; :::NOIR::: Blessed Bracelet; PUNCH Belly Piercing; *elise* Erika Rings

Pose: Bittersweet+Strange Cloud Watching


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