The Forgotten Side of Town

“You don wanna to go down that street, miss.  Notin’ but trouble down there,” was what the driver had told her as she got out of the cab.  She smiled, thanked him for the ride and advice as she tipped him for the pleasant drive from the resort.  The duty free stores were near and she was looking forward to doing some shopping and experiencing some of the “true island culture.”

The first few times she had traveled out of the country, she had stayed in the popular tourist areas enjoying the shopping and areas that catered to tourists.  Then she had traveled to Japan to see family living there.  There was no resort on that trip.  Her family lived in the suburbs of Tokyo and when they went out, they went to the local karaoke bar and eateries.  They made their purchases from the local merchants.  They attended the true Japanese festivals.  She was enthralled by the true culture of the country and knew she wanted to experience more of that in her travels.

On this trip, she made the decision to walk the streets the tourists never traveled.  She wanted to see how the people on this island lived when the outsiders weren’t looking.  As she walked down the side street, she caught the smell of the true local cuisine.  She heard the locals singing.  “This street is a good place to start,” she thought to herself.

Despite the warnings from the cab driver, the locals smiled and welcomed her.  As she walked along the worn beachfront road, she could hear the children playing in the bay and the fishermen preparing to go out for their daily catch.  She stopped and smiled seeing the locals appreciating what little they had and just being grateful for one another.  This was exactly what she wanted to experience on this vacation.


Romper: Dream Couture Summer Jumpsuit (roses)

Hair: Truth Lady (blond)

Accessories: Rebel Gal California Sunglasses; Cae Trinket Necklace, Arden Earrings, Engraved Bracelet Friends; :::NOIR:::  Amelia Bracelet; *elise* Erika Rings

Pose: FOXCITY Bike Ride-3

Location: -Baha Norte-


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