A Single Touch

It had been a long, hard week at work.  After all the meetings and fires she had to put out, she was in desperate need of a glass of wine with her girlfriends.  One of her friends happened to be off that day.  As she checked her calendar, she found she could sneak out of the office a little early.  They decided to meet up before the happy hour rush began.

They took a seat at the empty patio bar and ordered their drinks.  It didn’t take long for the wine and conversation to wash away the stress of the past few days.  The talk of work quickly faded to discussions on weekend plans, their latest dating disasters and when they could sneak in a spa day.  As they laughed and talked, a few people began to fill into the bar as everyone else wrapped up their work weeks.

Both of the women were startled as the stranger said hello.  A startled flinch, followed by laughs of both women caused the bartender to look their way and make sure everything was ok.  The stranger introduced himself and the three began talking.  The girls exchanged the occasional smirk and knowing glance between themselves, wondering which of them had grabbed the attention of the attractive stranger.  The conversation flowed freely and he was making them both laugh.  They both realized this man could be quite the charmer.

It wasn’t long before she had to excuse herself.  Ordering a refill on her wine and hoping it would be there when she returned, she scooted out of the bar stool and turned to walk away.  As she she took her first steps, her arm swayed back and she felt it.  She felt the subtle touch of his hand on hers.  She could tell him reaching his hand back was more than incidental contact.  He was letting her know he was interested in her.

Before returning to the bar, she watched the stranger and her friend for a moment.  Was he really interested in her or was he hedging his bets on being able to charm one of them into a date.  She looked at the business card she had written her number on and then tucked it into her top for a little tease when she gave it to him.

“Well…there’s only one way to find out…” she thought to herself as she walked back to her seat with a little more sway in her hips.

.::Flickr::. http://bit.ly/ASingleTouchFlickr


Outfit: Addams Muriel Suit Body (white), Muriel Suit Jacket (pink pinstripe) & Muriel Suit Pants (black)

Hair: Truth Carla (blond)

Jewelry: Cae Elusive Earrings, Elusive Necklace & Engraved Bracelet Friend

Pose: {Bittersweet+Strange} A Stranger Simply Passing Through

Location: The UNION

A special thanks to my friends Caelia & Cassondri for being a part of this picture. Love you both. ❤


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