Next Boyfriend

N172 Come To My WindowShe didn’t even bother to turn on the lights when she got home.  She was so frustrated and flustered that she could barely think straight.  She went straight to her bedroom, kicked her heels into the corner and worked her way out of her dress, just letting it fall to the floor.  She learned back against the bookcase, swinging one clenched fist back into a stack of books in frustration.

“That man!” she practically screamed with both desire and and frustration in her voice.

She had only met him last week but lord did he know how to push her buttons.  Tonight had been their second date and she couldn’t get her mind off of him.  She closed her eyes for a moment and remembered the smell of his cologne.  That first kiss, and each kiss since, had been amazing as her body responded to the memory of his lips sensuously kissing her while he wrapped his arms around, leaving her feeling as though nothing in the world could harm her.

It had been incredibly hard for her to maintain her composure tonight.  She wasn’t going to push things.  Not with this man.  Yet as they had been curled up on his sofa talking and sipping wine while the music had played in the background, a part of her had so wanted him to kiss the skin her dress had left exposed.  He ignited fires in her.  She felt so safe and protected in his arms.  This only caused her own inner flames to burn hotter.

She opened her eyes and looked out the window.  As the moonlight reflected off of her skin, her nails teasingly slipped across her abdomen.  “I can’t wait to feel his lips… right… here…” she whispered softly.  Closing her eyes again, her fingers slowly mimicked the path she hoped to feel his lips follow in the near future.


Attire: {Vision} Regina Lingerie (fatpack)

Hair: Truth Lela (blond)

Accessories: Cae Linked Earrings, Love Letters Necklace & Mantra Strength Bracelet.

Photo booth: {Bittersweet+Strange} Come To My Window (Prop Included), Sit_5… Available at Underdog Event

Musical Inspiration: Next Boyfriend by Lauren Alaina


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