Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

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The wedding had been a blast!  The mix of old friends, new friends, alcohol and their girlfriend’s wedding had made for a night filled with wonderful memories.  As the reception ended, most prepared to head back to their hotel rooms.  Tiffany and Adalynne had different plans for those a bit more…daring.

Grabbing the other bridesmaids and a few other people, they all headed to the popular karaoke bar in town.  It didn’t take long for the all the girls to steal the spotlight as they ran on stage to sing one song after another.  As the beers continued to go down smoothly and the Jell-O shots kept coming, the ladies only got more and more daring as the night went on.

It was last call and Adalynne and Tiffany decided they needed to go out in dramatic fashion.  Grabbing the microphones and their drinks, they went on stage to sing the last song of the night.  Not even one line in…both ladies were table dancing to the hoots and hollers of their friends.

They all agreed, that was a great way to celebrate their friends wedding.


Attire: Blueberry ForeverBerry Short Straps (Red) @ The EpiphanyN-core KATE Leather (Fatpack)
Hair: Truth Lela (Blonds)
Accessories: Cae Simplicity Pearls Necklace & Dangle Earrings; RealEvil Anya’s Pearl Bracelet

For Adalynne’s vital stats, check out her blog here!

Set Design
Foxcity Karaoke Lounge @ The Epiphany

Pose: Foxcity Famous Mic Vip 3 (Addy) & Famous Mic Vip 1 (Tiffany)

And don’t forget to check Adalynne’s Flickr page here!


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