1000 Flickr Followers – Thank You!

cropped-snapshot_0091.pngWhen I started taking pictures in Second Life, I never imagined being at this point where I am blogging more days than not.  I figured my photography would just be some silly little hobby and way to track memories in SL.  It seems that it has grown into something so much more though.

My friends Phoebe and Ryanna both recommended that I start a Flickr page.  I didn’t quite understand why since my pictures didn’t even come close to comparing to either of their photos.  They both shared that it would just be a good way for me to look back on my growth and see how far I have come.  I shrugged, made the page and smiled with each picture that I posted and each word of encouragement that others have given me.

That page was started a little over a year ago.  This past week, my little “hobby” feed crossed over the 1000 followers mark.  I was in awe when it happened.  So, I hope you will let me say…

Thank you to all of you.  To each and every person who has encouraged me.  Each and every person who has given constructive criticism.  Each and every person who has clicked a like, share or favorite button.  Each and every person who has left me an award.  Each and every one of you who may just smile a little when you see one of my pictures.  Each of you helps motivate and drive me to create a new picture and to be critical of my own work so I can improve.  Each and every one of you is why I am writing this right now.  I cannot express in words how grateful I am for each of you.  

I still have a great deal of growth to achieve in my photography.  I still have so much to learn.  There are so many amazing photographers out there and I hope all of you know that I admire and appreciate your work.  Thank you for creating such beautiful art that motivates myself and others to look and say, “I want to be that good one day.”

Before I wrap this up, I want to mention a few very special people who have been a significant part of my growth in photography and my transition to blogging.

Phoebe Summers: Girl…you held my hand as I took those first few steps teaching me basic tricks that instantly improved my pictures in significant ways.  You are also one of my best friends.  You have stood by me through so much since we met…RL, SL, whatever…and our friendship has only gotten stronger.  You have been such a foundation of strength for me.  I can’t wait to see more of you work in the coming future.  Love you! ❤

Ryanna “The Imagemaker”: Woman…I blame you for me even writing this post!  You believed in me enough to encourage me to make this transition.  You have given me tips when I needed them most.  You have shared and liked more of my posts than probably anyone else I know.  You have just believed in me.  And with each tip, nugget of information or blogger application you send me…it pushes me to try something else to expand on what I can already do.  You helped get me my first two sponsors.  I also did my first true collab with you which was amazing and so much fun.  Thank you for EVERYTHING! ❤

Lawrence Pryce: You wasted no time in pushing me to expand my boundaries.  From the first challenge I accepted, you told me that I could do better and I needed to step outside of my comfort zone.  You gave me ground rules that I had to follow on specific challenges, which I needed at the time.  You, probably more than anyone else, reminded me that taking that risk is worth it, whether it is a successful shot or not.  You are such a gift to so many photographers who are just starting out both through your encouragement and your commitment to sharing so many individual’s beautiful photographs. ❤

Ada Harris: Your work is just plain stunning.  Even when you question the beauty of your work, I am left speechless.  You add such beautiful images to this digital world and you have always been so appreciative of my work.  It has been such a pleasure to get to know you and your support of me, as a photographer and a person, means so much.  ❤

Melly Clarington: We had never talked when we began sharing each other’s blog posts.  I loved your writing and your pictures and your humor came through in everything you wrote.  When you asked me to do a collab with you, I was more excited than you will ever know.  I have loved getting to know you, learn from you and laugh with you.  I don’t know how you manage all you do but I know if you can do it, one day I will be able to do it too. ❤

Adalynne Romano: You’re another one who’s work I admired for a long time without knowing you.  Getting to know you has been such a gift.  The laughs we had over the past week and half preparing for our collab were just priceless and my sides STILL hurt!  You are such a talented and amazing woman and you have just a heart of gold.  ❤

Abbie Deitz: You are just a ray of sunshine in this world, girl.  You have become such a wonderful friend and I adore you for who you are, what you have achieved in your life and the positive vibes you bring to all those around you.  You also were the first person I got to blog something for.  Thank you for that.  Your friendship means so much and I am so grateful to call you my friend.  ❤

Dream, Novaleigh, Eve and Tess:  Thank you all for putting your faith in me to blog your products.  Thank you for trusting a new blogger to display your creations as they should be displayed.  I hope I have done your products and you the justice deserved for your creations.

Again, thank you to all of you for your support on this journey.  I couldn’t do it without all of you. ❤

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