See What You’re Missing?

N215 See What You're MissingShe missed him.  There were no two ways about it.  He had been gone less than a week so far, but she just wanted to feel him next to her.  It wasn’t even about the sex.  She just wanted to curl up against him in bed and smell his scent and listen to his heart beat.  She just missed his presence.

The message he had sent her early this morning did not help with the loneliness.  He had left a text saying that he might extend his trip a day or two to spend some time with some friends after work was done.  She didn’t mind if he did that.  She truly didn’t.  One of the things that drew her to him was the strong friendships he had and all the work he did to maintain them.

She was a bit disappointed though and she knew it was selfish of her.  She just wanted his trip to be done she they could curl up together and share all that had gone on while he was away.  She knew he was doing what he needed to do and that did made her smile.  She was proud to be with a man who made sure he did not lose contact with the people who mattered most to him.

She smirked a bit thinking about she could make sure he knew how much she missed him.  She grabbed her phone and headed out to the garden.  As she positioned her phone and struck a pose, she giggled to herself.  She knew she wasn’t playing fair and honestly, she really didn’t care.

A few taps of her fingers and off the picture went to him with one simple message.  “See what you’re missing, baby…”

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What I’m Wearing
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*ARGRACE* Haruka – Platinum
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