My Turn To Live

N220 ReallyShe was tired of being the “good girl.”  She had always been so mindful of her reputation and how other’s viewed her.  She had been told at an early age that reputation was everything and that once you lost a good reputation, it was almost impossible to get it back.  It had been beat into her head that you just didn’t do anything that could make the family look bad.  She had held onto those words, preached to her at such a young age, for most of her life.

She had finally reached a point in her life where she just said, “Fuck it.”  As the older generation in her family and their friends began to pass away, she began to discover the dark truths about many of them.  At random gatherings, the stories of other family members’ mistakes and debaucherous escapades would emerge.  The breaking point came about a month ago when she found out an uncle, who adamantly preached “never bring shame to the family” more than anyone else, had an extended affair that almost ruined his marriage.

She had grown tired of the hypocrisy within her family.  It wasn’t like she had wanted to go out and sleep with every man she met or do anything illegal.  She just wanted to live life.  She wanted those experiences her girlfriends had which made her gasp in shock.  She was tired of hearing everyone else’s stories.  For once, she wanted to be able to make her girlfriends gasp in shock.

As she got out of her car, she checked her make up and smoothed out her rather brief dress.  She never would have considered wearing a dress so revealing or going to an “alternative” club before tonight.  While she felt her stomach knot up at the thought of doing something so foreign to her, she also felt a sense of achievement.  She had always wanted to experience a place like this.  She wanted to see what happened in a club most most secretly desired to experience but could never find the courage to actually walk into.  She smirked a bit as she thought about all the sensual fantasies she had but never shared and wondered if tonight might be her first step towards experiencing one of those fantasies.

As she reached the door, she looked back towards the street.  Seeing a man who looked like her hypocritical uncle, a sneer formed on her lips and she felt the determination to go through with this build more.  She looked back at the man, a man who had no idea who she was, and gave him an incredibly disgusted look that was meant for her uncle.  With venom in her voice she whispered to herself…

“You had your fun, you lying bastard.  Now its my turn to live.”

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What I’m Wearing
TO.KISKI – Luna Mini Dress at On9 Event
Truth / Natalie Blond
[CAROL G] Young Wolf – Black Tattoo at Vanity Event
***ArisAris AA22 Charismatic Sunglasses Stupendous
RYCA Jewelry Bangle DXL Gold

FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Lucky Lounge (Rez)

MOVEMENT – Free spirit 02 at Liaison Collaborative

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