Morning Coffee

N225 Morning CofeeI’m a country girl.  And by country girl, I mean I grew up rural South Central Virginia on farms.  Cattle, tobacco and corn were what my family farmed.  I remember walking the fields with my dad and grandfathers on the days I wasn’t in school.  I learned to shoot a gun as a young girl.  I was even taken hunting.  The closest grocery store was a good 30 minutes away from the farm.  Sundays were filled with church, fishing and horseback riding.

When I went away to college, I stuck with a small town school.  The town where my college was only had more than 5000 residents when school was in session.  It was a tiny little place.

Like I said…I am a country girl at heart.

Imagine the change for me when I moved to a city where the city alone was 250,000 people and a metro area of about 2 million total.  When I moved there, I rented a small one bedroom apartment in the city’s historic museum district.  Within a 6 block walk from my apartment, there were bakeries, local dining establishments, coffee shops and such.  It was quite the change.

It didn’t take me long to adapt to the new surroundings.  My Saturday and Sunday mornings were often consumed with walks to the local bakeries and coffee shops when the weather was nice.  I loved sitting on my front stoop and watching the happenings in the historic district.  I have some wonderful memories.

While I have moved to my own little house in the ‘burbs, I will occasionally go visit friends who live in the city and relieve those memories.  It’s always a nice reminder of what this city has given to me.

As much as I love this city though…I am still a country girl at heart. ❤

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What I’m Wearing
LRD Syndra romper Flowers [@ON9]
NaaNaa’s Dream Earrings, Necklace and Bracelet [@Sense Event]
*elise* – Erika – MAITREYA BENTO Rings
Truth / Panny Blond

Paparazzi – BACKDROP – The Brownstone Hotel Stoop
[Black Bantam] Cutie Corgi Donut Pup 2
Soy. Potted Ponytail Palm [Ssize]
Nutmeg. Paper Bag_Group Gift
{what next} Camber Newspaper Decor

Pose: FOXCITY. Sits V1-7m Fatpack Exclusive

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