Are You Lost Too?

Are You Lost TooIts so easy to get lost in life.  With expectations placed upon us by friends, family, employers, teachers, etc., it can often be hard to know who we are at our core and what we should be doing with our lives.  Everyone thinks they know what’s best for us.  The reality is though, no one knows what we need more than we do.

I admit it…I spent most of my life trying to live a life that others said I should live.  Until mid-adulthood, the only time I said no to someone telling me I should do something specific was when I told my grandfather I would not be going to college at his alma mater.  But even then, I attend my grandfather’s second choice school.  I gave up a lot of myself trying to be who people told me I should be.

Ultimately, attempting to do that left me exhausted, lost and with a lot of damaged relationships and opportunities in my past.

Then, about six years ago, I started to discover who I was.  I went back to school for a second degree.  I have taken steps to rebuild old relationships and create new ones.  I have discovered who I truly am and I am working to be that person, physically, spiritually, professionally and emotionally, every day.  Its such a refreshing feeling.  Being able to be your authentic self is such an amazing things.

So, while I am a country girl, I’m not much of a nature girl.  However, when I start to feel lost, like I have lost me internal balance, I won’t hesitate to head to the Mother Nature.  Whether its a bike ride, walk or hike, being in nature and being mindful of what is happening in that moment reminds me that the world will continue to move on regardless of what decisions I make, so why not make the healthy decisions?  Why not take that risk that everyone says I shouldn’t?  Why not wait and see what happens when everyone else says to go forward?  Why not be who I am at heart even if the whole world says I’m wrong?

Being lost sucks.  But being lost and finding ourselves…that is magical. ❤

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