And She Danced

N249 And She DancedA few years ago, I decided life was like a dance.  Sometimes we are dancing perfectly with a partner.  Sometimes we can’t get our steps synced up to save our lives.  Sometimes we dance alone.  Sometimes we dance with friends.  Sometimes we keep the beat.  Sometimes we don’t.  Sometimes we dance when we shouldn’t.  Sometimes we should be dancing but we choose to stay in the corner, afraid to find that partner to dance with…or too afraid to take the risk and dance on our own.

I spent a lot of my life afraid to take part in the dance of life.  I was afraid to get on the floor and express myself to the music of life.  I was so worried of looking like a fool that I wouldn’t even consider placing a foot on the dance floor, much less ask someone to dance with me.  Because of that, I missed multiple opportunities to dance in life with people who I am sure would have been amazing dance partners.  I also spent a lot of time dancing in life with the most miserable dance partners you can imagine.

The good thing is, I am not afraid to dance in life anymore.  After all of the years of waiting for that perfect partner to find me or the perfect song to be played, I decided to just go out and dance in life on my own.  I’ve had a small number of dance partners in that time.  Occasionally there is one who I hope may come back to dance with me in the future.  Some I know I will not dance with again.

The wonderful thing though is I am not afraid to do the dance of life alone anymore.  I’ve done it on my own for a while and in that time, I have danced through grad school while working full time.  I have danced through exposing some of the most secret parts of life to others.  I have danced though love, happiness, pain, suffering and loss.  Would I go back and change the dances I have done with someone else or alone?

Never.  No doubts.  I have learned from each dance step I have taken and while I would love to have that perfect dance partner…I know I can dance like a princess on my own until that day comes.

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Kaithleen’s – Cardi Dress [@ Au Lovely Event]
Cae – Simplicity – Pearl Dangle Earrings & Necklace
Real Evil – Anya’s Pearls Bracelet
Truth – Caralisa Blond

Lune – Bento Street Style Pose 4 – Pack N1 [@ N8 Event]

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  1. Amanda Sole says:

    You are so right Tiffany! I dance in rl (as an amateur) and I find my dance is directly connected to my inner state of mind! You could just replace ‘dancing’ with ‘living’ and still be telling the truth. I also have had many unsuitable ‘partners’ but only because I didn’t believe I deserved any better. And I’m not talking just about dancing! So! Believe and Love ourselves just for what we are (hardest thing in the world, but worth it)!!! Hugs

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    1. Its funny you say that, Amanda, as I was completely writing about life and use dance as the analogy. Its amazing how similar the two are when you take the time to think about it. Thank you! ❤

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