Fall Has Arrived

N253 Fall Has ArrivedHave I ever shared with everyone how much I love fall?  I mean…I like winter, adore spring and can’t wait for summer.  But fall…??? OMG it has to be my favorite season of the year.

Living in a decent sized city, people laugh at me like they can’t believe I grew up in the country.  I guess I have acclimated enough to life in this city that people don’t think twice I could be a simple country girl at heart.  During high school and college, I actually lost a lot of my country accent.  I think that throws them off.  Its all good though.  Let people assume what they will.

But yes, I did grow up in the country.  My family’s farm (broke my heart when we had to sell it) was about 900 acres.  My step-grandfather was a farmer too and he owned a good 1/4 of the entire county where I grew up.  Our weekends were filled with fishing, horseback riding and walking the fields.  I learned to drive a stick shift on a WWII Wiley Jeep that had “FARM USE” spray painted across the back.  It was a simple but wonderful life.

Fall was always a treat for us living in the country.  Watching the leaves change as the temperatures chilled was fabulous.  It wouldn’t take us long to stoke bonfires, make hot chocolate and curl up in over-sized sweatshirts and blankets to enjoy the cooler temperatures.  As we got older, the fall bonfires were where my friends and I retreated to sneak our alcohol and have some of the best times of our childhood.

In college, fall meant football season.  My small college had a lot of traditions surrounding football and that, along with my father, is where my love of college football developed.  The guys would wear their khakis, coats and ties and the ladies were finding dresses, cute skirts, pearls and hats to wear to the games.  Being a small school, we could drink and grill on the hillside overlooking the field and watch the game in the company of our best friends before going back to our rooms, bundling up and heading out for the parties in the cutest fall fashions.

Fall fashion is my fav too.  Boots, sweaters, jackets, cute jeans, skirts, etc.  So much cute stuff out there for fall that I can’t wait to wear.  I am also very much a fall colors type girl…so to see the slightly more muted tones hitting the stores…I am in heaven.

So, sorry its a day late, but welcome, Fall!!! You have made my day! ♥

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What I’m Wearing
Cloe – Hayden Skirt and Madison Sweater [@ Tres Chic]
Truth – Ginevra No Headband Blond
Cae – Monogram Bracelet

Reign – Pumpkin Spice Latte
Persefona – Leaves Photo Set 15 (orange)

an lar [poses] – The Lola Series – Three

Valor Poses

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