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N259 No Scrubs BlogKind of spinning off my post about simple living yesterday, I have been thinking about the number of people in this world who either flash that they’ve got money, refuse to date someone who doesn’t have money or seek out someone who has a lot of money.  I don’t know about all of you, but I just don’t get it.

I know I have shared there have been times I have struggled financially in my life, particular after college and my divorce.  But no matter what my personal financial situation has been, I have never cared about money.  It doesn’t define a person.

I remember shortly after my separation, I started dating this school teacher.  Now she was making a decent living but nothing extravagant.  However, shortly after we started dating…I learned her father was one of the wealthiest doctors in our area.   Now her father was good as gold.  Treated me as part of the family, was incredibly sweet and just…if you met him on the street, you wouldn’t think he was that wealthy.  His daughter on the other hand…turned out to be a money hungry bitch.  She actually threw a temper tantrum after her birthday party when her father gave her several thousand dollars to pay off some debt she had instead of buying her a $15,000 necklace she wanted.  I was disgusted and walked.

Money doesn’t matter to me.  What matters is your heart and soul and how you treat others.  Am I wealthy?  Not by any stretch of the imagination.  Do I live comfortably?  For me, yes.  I am sure others would say I was struggling.  All I know is this…I have all my needs met with some money left to spend on some extras.  Do I really need more than that?

Even before I began my transition, I knew I could care less about money.  The one real love I have had in life didn’t make a lot of money.  I didn’t care.  While things didn’t work out, I would have lived in a cardboard box on a street corner to be with that person because I respected their heart and work ethic so much.

A scrub, for me, comes down to attitude and values.  If you make very little money but have an amazing work ethic, strong values and a heart and soul and that brightens the world…then you’re my kind of person.  If things worked out and we dated, I would be more than happy to be the primary bread winner and still take on the more feminine roles in a relationship that I love.  If you make all the money in the world and have that same heart, spirit and ethic…I would love to get to know you as well.  If that’s you, know I do not expect fancy presents and I make my own money.  Just give me your time, attention and promises that you keep.  That’s what matters to me.

If you think you are better than others because you have a lot of money, try to win my attention by showering me with expensive giftsor showing off your flashy whatever but don’t treat people well…  Guess what…you’re a scrub.  If you are angry at the world and feel like they owe you…  You’re a scrub.

Its far easier to treat people with love and respect than it is to be angry or arrogant.  If you want more out of life, give a little more.  If you want the type of people in your life who will help elevate you and support you, whether as friends or partners, treat them with love and respect.

It really ain’t that hard, people.

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  1. Amanda Sole says:

    The more I read you, the more I appreciate you as a person Tiffany. We are so diferent and yet so similar! Just do what you do girl! It’s so worth it!

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    1. You are too sweet, Amanda. ♥ Thank you. *hugs* The great thing about this crazy world is that when we take the time to know people, we find that despite all the differences between us, most of us really aren’t that different. When we realize that, it makes for a much happier life and world ♥

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