Netflix And Chill

N284 Netflix And Chill 2 BlogNetflix and chill.  This statement…I just have to laugh about it.

So call me old fashioned, but “Netflix and chill” has always meant to kick back and watch a movie with someone who’s company you enjoy, whether it be friend or partner, for me at least.  That is what I always thought until a friend of mine, who happens to be a teacher, asked myself and another friend if we knew what “Netflix and chill” meant to her students.  I nearly choked on my drink when I heard what it meant to high school students.  Really?  That’s code for hook up?  Kids these days!

Now granted, we have all ignored a movie and gotten busy wanting a lil somin’ somin’ on a date.  I get that.  And I am not saying we all haven’t had out random sexual encounters because we have.  I guess for me though, inviting someone over for a movie, unless it is a committed partner, has always meant, “Let’s watch a movie,” but the hook up has not typically been my goal.

Maybe I am unique in this aspect but for me, that is how it is.  Now…if you and I are dating…all bets are off.  If we are dating, want to Netflix and chill? 😉

N283 Netflix And Chill 1 Blog

See the full room picture here and the close up image here!

What I’m Wearing
Reign – Katy Heels
Truth – Lela
ViSion – Marie Set [@ Epiphany, Oct 18]


Corpus – Wildest Moments [@ Pose Fair, Oct 18]
The Owl – Feel It Still

Apple Fall
Candy Corn Cauldron [@ Epiphany, Oct 18]
Satin Trellis, Black
Handbag & Scarf
Magnolia Spray [@ Epiphany, Oct 18]
Pumpkin Snowman [@ Epiphany, Oct 18]

Adelaide Typewriter

Magnolia Vase

dust bunny
cozy reading
wiccan artistry . bowl of crystals [@ Epiphany, Oct 18]

Store Packaging (their packaging was too cute not to use as decor itself!)

Slow Motion-1 Prop Mobile Phone

Follow US
Vintage lights camera COPY version

basket of pears
macrame hanging plant . white

The Loft & Aria
Linen Storage Box

Books clutter
Canvas Sneakers Decor

Bowl of Popcorn
Gemma 3 Leather Sofa (Adult)
Gilles Square Coffee Table, Steel
Gilles TV Console, Steel
Movie Reel Round Rug
Nokoo Remote Control
Nokoo TV

Modeh Ani Tablet Clutter – Tablet

Candlestick Candle
Candlestick Pumpkin
Golden Pumpkin Group
Magic Tapestry
Pumpkin Candy Dish Silver

Serenity Style
Lotta Witchie RARE [@ Vanity, Oct 18]

brooklyn skybox

what next
Autumn Picture Shelf 1
Autumn Picture Shelf 2
Resolutions Wall Print (black & white)

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  1. Robert Wilson says:

    I agree with you dear Tiffany. We’re from a different era! I we were to date, ‘Netflix and Chill’ would be perfect, a lovely way to spend time together.

    Liked by 1 person

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