Painter’s Loft

N300 Painter's Loft BlogAs I put together this set, all I could think about was my real life desk and my platform when I sit down to work on a picture for a blog.  I suspect it is the same for other bloggers and in world creators.  I realize our medium is all electronic and pixels but is the feeling in our work space that much different?

Despite what others may think, we are all artists after all…

See it on Flickr!

ARIA & The Loft
Devon book pile and glasses
Devon deco slippers
Devon decorative hand bag

Cherry Jar Candle

dust bunny
potted bromeliad
spotted begonia

Foxwood [@ Uber]
The Artist ~ Apron
The Artist ~ Canvas pile
The Artist ~ Chair
The Artist ~ Desk
The Artist ~ Easel
The Artist ~ Flower Sketchbook
The Artist ~ Palette
The Artist ~ Plant
The Artist ~ Pooch Stool
The Artist ~ Rug
The Artist ~ Shelf
The Artist ~ Sketches
The Artist ~ Sleepy Pooch
The Artist ~ Swatch Sketchbook
The Artist ~ Tea

Books clutter
Breakfast time

Old Stool w/Cloth DecorGroup Gift

Cosmo Lighting Silver

DarK Purple Berries
Super long Hanging Hedera

autumn attic skybox
paint clutter
stacked canvases

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