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Ok…I admit it.  I am getting frustrated with some of my real life girlfriends.  There are some of them who, I hate to say it, are making me want to scream and I have actually taken a step back from some of them as my frustration level continues to increase.  Maybe that sounds bitchy…but its where I am.

There are two reasons I am pulling back from them.  The first ties back into yesterday’s post.  I understand that not everyone understands this whole transition process.  I understand that people make assumptions about it.  I understand many think that if you just take the medicines as prescribed, it all works out.  Obviously, there is a lack of understanding in the general population about this process, the need for levels to be within specific levels at specific times and the understanding that it is incredibly important for levels to be right due to the finite window of time for physical development.  But after having two friends tell me to, “Quit being a bitch” about my estrogen levels a few months back…yeah, I had to step back from some of them.

The next piece that is frustrating is preparing for my real life presentation and learning how to properly use make up.  The Maya Skin here, with the included make up pack, made me think about the fact that I have several girlfriends who go on and on about wanting to help me learn make up…but then turn around and tell me to just watch YouTube videos or that its all easy to learn.  With a lot of my girlfriends, they seem to forget it took them years how to learn to use make up well, how to properly care for their skin and hair and all of the other things that impact the visible aspects that go into being a woman in today’s society.

I plan on going to one of the make up chains, like Sephora, to get some make up lessons here soon.  I don’t have a lot of time before I plan to present and I really need to get my wardrobe and make up together.  I have tried learning how to use make up with YouTube but I am not one who learns well by videos like that.  What would be wonderful is to just take an afternoon and/or an evening, get together with a couple of friends, and have them help and guide me as I attempt to apply make up and learn some of the nuances of the female wardrobe that most have learned over the course of their lives.  Throw in some wine, good food and music…and let’s just make kind of a party out of it. lol

Girls, if you know someone who is transitioning male to female and they ask you for help, please understand they are in a near panic at times because all of it is so overwhelming.  Most women, as I stated previously, have learned make up over the course of years.  They had mothers, grandmothers, sisters and girlfriends to help them learn it all when they were teenagers.  Someone like me…I never had that.  And I have to learn enough to be able to pass safely in the span of a few months.  While I had hoped to learn more sooner, my crazy schedule with school and work has also limited the time I have available to practice these things and do the necessary shopping.

As I said, I plan to schedule a make up session with Sephora here soon, as I hear they are very accepting and supportive of those of us transitioning.  I also have one girlfriend in real life who really does want to help me.  We just haven’t been able to get our schedules to match up with both of us working and going to school.  One of my SL friends has been incredibly sweet and has suggested we do a video Skype session for her to help me with make up application.  I’m hoping for all of the above…

Its a lot to learn and it can all be incredibly overwhelming for us.  I know I do my best to keep myself together, but my anxiety is rising significantly as I get closer to presentation.  Please consider that when/if that transitioning friend reaches out for help and advice.

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Accessories: Cae – Aiko Necklace & Earrings
Body – Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
Eyes – Lotus – Balance Eyes #5
Hair – Truth – Oksana V2 [@ Uber]
Head & Ears – Catwa Catya
Shape – Custom – Not for sale.
Skin – Head: The Face – Maya (SPF 30) [@ Vanity Event]; Body: Fiore (SPF 30)
Pose – an lar [poses] – The Honour Series – One (m)

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  1. The older I get the more I hate make up. It’s something I have taken for granted for many years, because I do a very light natural look at best. I hate the feel of all that stuff on my skin. I would be of absolutely no use on this topic in RL, but I wish you the absolute best of luck with it. If only it were as easy as the appiers in sl. ♥


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