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I have a bad habit.  Well, I have multiple bad habits, but one that is really getting to me lately is the fact I never carry an umbrella…

In the past, it was never a big deal.  Up until about 6 months ago, I never really cared.  Part of that was the fact I was so miserable in my own body and so getting drenched only served to reinforce the belief I didn’t belong in my body.  Part of that was because my hair was so much shorter and it really didn’t matter.  That’s not the case anymore…

As my hair has grown and I am piecing together my new wardrobe, I am growing more and more concerned about things like this.  Some may think its silly…but considering both the fact my hair is naturally wavy but looks better straight and all of the amazing fabrics women get to wear, this is one of those new concerns for me.

I’ve become especially aware of this over the past two months as I both am spending more time planning for my presentation and the fact we have had so much rain in my area of Virginia.  Over the past two months, we have had more days with rain than days without rain.  And I’m not just talking about misty, dreary days.  I am talk days of really heavy, causing localized flooding rain.  I have been drenched so many days that its a miracle I haven’t gotten sick yet.

Its not that I leave my house thinking, “Oh, I don’t need an umbrella today.”  Its more I am so busy dealing with work, my dog, making sure I remember my lunch (which I forget half the time too) and so many other things that while I put it on my list of things to grab…its the one thing I always forget because I carried one so rarely in the past.

If my work location wasn’t where it was, I don’t think it would be such as big of a deal.  Unfortunately though, my office is in the financial district of my city.  The company I work for is actually 10 blocks away…and the shuttle system is rather unreliable.  To make matters worse, my parking is almost 20 blocks from my office…with an even more unreliable shuttle system.  Like I said, its a miracle I haven’t gotten sick yet.

I really need to find a way to remember my umbrella more.  I am tired of coming home wet.  I’m tired of shivering in the car as I dry out on the ride home.  And I really don’t want have some really cute blouse, skirt or dress…or SHOES…ruined because I couldn’t remember a simple umbrella!

I REALLY need to get better about this before I get dressed up for a night out on the town…  Sheesh!

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What I’m Wearing
Argrace – Chizuru II
Essenz – Guadeloupe [@ Vanity Event]
VIET – Berline Purse : Onyx (@ August Vanity Event)
ViSion – Yvonne Dress [@ Collabor88]

Foxcity – Taxi – 1m [@ Collabor88]

The Bearded Guy
ATM Red Link – Neighborhood Set

Optional Prop – Taxi (Included in the Taxi Pose Series pack) [@ Collabor88]

Photo Booth – Paradisco with Projectors & Rain [@ Collabor88]

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