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I don’t travel much.  I used to.  But since starting grad school, my work and school schedule has really limited my ability to go many places.  When I do travel, its either to Pennsylvania to see my sister, the Outer Banks for a long weekend or back home for a short trip to see family.

It doesn’t matter where I go though, the same thing always happens when I get home.  The bags get dropped by the door, I kick off my shoes and I just stand there for a moment.  Maybe it sounds strange…but I just unload my arms, feel my feet on the carpet, close my eyes and just inhale the smells of home.

Maybe some people think that’s strange.  Maybe not.  I absolutely love to travel and look forward to being able to do it more here in the near future.

But there is just something about the smells and sensations of home greeting you at the door.  ♥

See it on Flickr!

Apple Fall
Worn Luggage Bag

Aria & The Loft
Arlette Sweet Pea bouquet
Avery Decorative Whiskey Tray
Avery Vase With Lililies
Devon decorative hand bag
Diedra Amsonia bouquet in a vase
T Frame


Porch Rocker ~ Green [@ The Liaison Collaborative]

dust bunny
homemade soup . bag of groceries . pattern a [@ Uber]
homemade soup . bag of groceries . pattern b [@ Uber]

small picture frame

Pinterest Pose bag use for pose 3 ADD ME (Part of Pinterest Pose set)

Books clutter
Canvas Sneakers Decor
Vase with dried leaves

Liza Heels – Black
Liza Heels – Nude

Paper Bag_Group Gift

wood crate seat

Medusa Mirror – Rose [@ Uber]

Serenity Style
Retro Telephone AGED RARE

artsy books
primrose skybox

The Black Forrest
Picture Frame 2b

Autumn’s Hall Console Table
Autumn’s Hall Deco Balls Bowl
Autumn’s Hall Decorative Screen
Autumn’s Hall Hat Stand
Autumn’s Hall Table Lamp
Autumn’s Hall Table Runner

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