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So…about a week ago, I put a post up on Facebook asking if any bloggers wanted to do collabs with me.  I figured I had been too reclusive on my platform and besides, there are some really wonderful people who are blogging that I haven’t had a chance to meet yet.  Its just fun too to merge ideas and see what someone else comes up working with you or where they push your creative thought process. I also just love to see how someone else perceives the same scene through their eyes…seeing how each person’s creative style directs and influences the same scene.  Its so much fun to compare photos once you are done and I feel like its an amazing way to grow as a blogger.

So, I still have a long list of people I will be working with.  I was in awe of how many people said they wanted to collab with me.  Schedules are going to be tricky with some, but I really want to make this happen.  I actually need to reschedule a shoot with one friend where my work schedule got the better of me this past week.  But thankfully, I was able to get a couple of shoots in yesterday.  The first was with Madison Carlberg and OMG, what a hoot this shoot was!

We originally had the plan of a great fall scene.  My work schedule promptly shot down my plans to build that set this week.  No fear though.  Madi was through the roof excited and inspired since she had just made her way to Tannenbaum.  She was on this so fast, tossing out new ideas and we had a new scene faster than I expected.

We had a blast shooting this too.  Between sorting through our inventories on short notice, fighting battles with textures and *gasps* her head disappearing on us every time I went to my photo settings on Black Dragon, we just had a hell of a time and laughed so much working on this.  Madi is such a sweetheart too.  She is better known for her decor blogging, so we don’t see her pretty face as much as some of our other talented bloggers…but this woman is definitely worth getting to know, is talented as hell and she is fun to work with.

Now, I do think it is ironic that we went with this snow scene, especially considering the first real snow of the year moved through her area this past week.  We decided to get an early start on some Christmas decorating and decided to prove to the men out there that we girls don’t need you to get our Christmas trees up and decorated.  And what better way to celebrate having the tree done than to shower ourselves with some fresh snow. ♥

Thank you, Madi, for a great time and an awesome shoot.  We are gonna do this again, girl, and I can’t wait to see your next post! ♥

Find Madi’s side of the story at her blog, Second Life As I See It,  and her photo of our collab here!

See this imagine on Flickr!

What I’m Wearing
Argrace – Ribbed Beanie/Yvonne
Just Because – Anna Boots with Socks
Just Because – Vanessa Pants [@ FaMESHed]
Vinyl – Georgia Crop [@ Kustom9]

What Madi is wearing
Besom – Lex Browns
Blueberry – Serena Jeans
Dahlia – Aspen – Earmuffs [@ Tannenbaum]
Meva – Julia Bento Rings Maitreya Gold
TETRA – Leather Jacket with Hoodie

Sari-Sari – Best Friend Pose – It’s Snowing

Dahlia – Aspen – Ornaments Gacha [@ Tannenbaum]
hive – Snowed In Skybox & Fir Tree Snowy Dark Green

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