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I know, I know, I know…I am slacking because I don’t have my house…in real life or Second Life…all decorated for the holidays yet.  Some of y’all got a REALLY early start!  Some of you didn’t even wait until Thanksgiving was done before putting up your trees.

I do love Christmas and decorating for the holidays is half the fun.  With my mom, it always took us DAYS to decorate the house.  I mean, I love Christmas and all…but my mother was a little crazy when it came to decorating for the holidays.  She would have my poor step-father on the ladder hanging lights and wreathes when he had no business being on that ladder.

And her Santa Collection?  That’s right…I said Santa Collection.  She would have them all over the house.  It got to the point it was a little creepy…like clown creepy.  I would go home to visit and she would have about 15 Santa’s, from 3 inches tall to up to 3 feet tall, staring back at me in the guest room when I would go to sleep.  I think she got a little upset with me the last few Christmas’ I went home because I told her I wouldn’t stay at the house unless she took the Santa’s out of the guest room.

But I do love Christmas.  My Christmas traditions have changed a lot over the past five years.  With my parents now gone, I try to make the trip up north to visit my sister every Christmas.  She has her own family and with me not having any children, it makes much more sense for me to travel up there.  Since I started traveling to see her, and with the demands school has placed on my time for the past several years, I haven’t done a lot of decorating at home anymore.  I still put up my tree, go buy my poinsettias, hang a wreath on my door and such…but the major decorating I used to do is on hold for now.  It should pick back up next year.

My den won’t look that dissimilar to this in about a week.  I like to wait a little later then most to decorate my home for Christmas.  I think I hear my decorations whispering at me from attic right now though. 😉

See it on Flickr!

7mad;Ravens [@ Tannenbaum]
Blue Xmas Candlesticks
Glass Curvy Tree
Glass Fat Tree
Glass Sharp Tree
Green Xmas Candlesticks
Pillow/Crate Believe
Pillow/Crate Magic
Red Xmas Candlesticks
Xmas Art 2
Xmas Art 4
Xmas Art 5
Xmas Art 6

Apple Fall
Christmas Cookies
Period Fireplace – Black

Chez Moi
Joy Ladder

Circle Coaster [Agate]
Circle Coaster [Agate] 1
Gingerbread Latte [rez]
Pumpkin Spice & Chocolate Macarons
Pumpkin Spice Latte [rez]
Silver Platter
Snowman Mocha [rez]
Square Coaster [Agate]

Christmas Kitty – Mesh – Full Perm (No link available)

dust bunny
book pile
cozy reading

*. emm
clutter : snack tray w. books

her own fairytale rug

Christmas Tree 2017 Decorated
Lively Labs :: Family Bed

Lilyana Collection [@ Boardwalk Event]
Pine Cone Christmas Candle

Lynn’s Flowers & Gifts [@ Boardwalk Event]
Advent Wreath (white snowman)

The Luckiest – Wood Basket

Sahi Designs [@ Boardwalk Event]
Yuletide Living Pallet Set – Armchair [PG]
Yuletide Living Pallet Set – Coffee Table
Yuletide Living Pallet Set – Comfy Crate
Yuletide Living Pallet Set – Ladder
Yuletide Living Pallet Set – Shelf
Yuletide Living Pallet Set – Sofa [PG]

Evergreen Collection – Sage Wreath

box of holiday decorations (festive)
box of holiday decorations (traditional)

Theory [@ Boardwalk Event]
Holiday Arrangement (Crimson)
Holiday Arrangement (Parchment)
Poinsettia (Crimson)
Poinsettia (Parchment)

what next
Nordic Stocking (Red#1)
Nordic Stocking (Red#3)


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