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Let The Shopping Begin Blog

Before I say anything else, let me tell you how much I truly do love Christmas.

What I don’t like about Christmas is how commercialized it has become.

Keep in mind, I am not saying we shouldn’t give gifts to those who are important to us.  After all, the spirit of Christmas is to give to others and promote good will in the world.  We just shouldn’t go bankrupt in the process.

My mother used to be so bad about going way, way, WAY overboard at Christmas…especially with my niece and nephews.  It was absolutely insane and she would spend the whole next year paying off what she had bought for everyone…at the detriment of her own well being.  Having seen the results of that, I believe that is one of many reasons I am against spending a fortune on Christmas gifts.

I have always preferred those small, meaningful gifts anyway.  Like last year, my sister gave me a couple of pieces of Mom’s jewelry.  My former boss, who I loved so much, gave me a coffee mug that said, “Be Brave…Go You’re Own Way And To Hell With The Critics.”  One of my favorite co-workers and best friends in real life gave me a framed picture of the two of us from the big snow in 2017.  Nothing fancy.  Very little money spent.  Yet each of these gifts mean so much to me and has a place either at home, work or my internship site…and a place in my heart. ♥

As Christmas gets closer, yes, I will be buying gifts for those special people in my life.  I already have ideas for what most of those friends will be getting.  Each gift will have some meaning to let them know how important they are in my life.

Isn’t that how it should be?

See it on Flickr!

What I’m Wearing
Cae – Tannenbaum Necklace
Just Because – Yule Sweater Dress [@ Uber]
Reign – Blair Knee High Boots & Socks
Truth – Lela

Amitie – My Gift Box 02 & Hold Boxes with Ribbon Prop [@ Uber]

Echo – Victoria Park – Bench – Snow [@ Uber]
Fourth Wall – Snowy Telephone Box [@ Tannenbaum]
Foxcity – Optional Prop Taxi (from Taxi Pose Set)
hive – holiday garland bottom arc (flocked), holiday garland spiral (flocked) & lighted holiday wreath (flocked) [@ Uber]
Jian – Christmas Tree 2017 Decorated
Paparazzi – Backdrop – Dickens Street [@ Tannenbaum]

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