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My grandfather was an avid fisherman.  While he typically fished on the lake from his small boat, he would take any opportunity to fish with friends, which meant fishing at the local ponds or rivers and casting his line from the shore instead of his small boat.

When Granddad would take us fishing with him, he would often reminded us that we had to guard our catches from that day.  If we would run off to play or get distracted by something else, the fish we had worked so hard to catch would be left unattended and at risk to be taking by anyone or anything.  If we were gone too long without specifically asking someone to watch our catch, Granddad would take our fish himself and hide them specifically to teach us to us the lesson that we needed to watch what we had worked so hard to have.

While some may think this sounds like an odd thing for a grandparent to do, Granddad actually had a purpose behind these actions.  Granddad lived through the Great Depression and served in WWII.  He had experienced so much in his life and if there was one thing he learned, it was if you don’t tend to things in your life…family, friends, career, home, etc…they all could be taken away at any moment by someone else who was more grateful and willing to tend to “their catch.”

My Grandfather loved to share his knowledge with his.  Sadly, I was too young to appreciate most of it before he died.  Yet, every now and then, something will spark the memory of one of those old lessons.

I love it when those old memories are triggered and I learn something knew.  I am always up for one of Granddaddy’s lesson. ♥

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CIRCA [@ Boardwalk Event]
“Great North” Barrel Table with Trout Bucket – Dark
“Great North” Fir Tree Grouping (3 trees)
“Great North” Fir Tree Grouping with Deer (4 trees)
“Great North” Fish Bucket – Dark
“Great North” Fresh Fish Display
“Great North” Ice Fishing Crate Seat (2 pos)
“Great North” Icing Fishing Pond – Ripple Snow 1
“Great North” Ice Fishing Shack – Natural (ornate)

Fawn – Behind You (Snow)
Fawn – Leap (Snow)

Cliff Hill – snow A
Cliff Hill – snow B

fir tree . b

InsurreKtion [@ Boardwalk Event]
Animal Collection – Reindeer

JIAN [@ Uber]
Reindeer Collection :: Static – Stand
Reindeer Collection :: Static – Walk Low

Tm Creation [@ Boardwalk Event]
The Arctic Winter Nature Scene wa10

what next
Leaning Sled Decor (mesh)
Three-Seater Sled (wood)


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