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Do you believe that things happen for a reason? Do you believe that if we are at peace with ourselves that we can receive that nudge or influence from someone else who is not physically with us almost subconsciously and that influences our actions? When I was younger, I didn’t believe in such things. As I get older…I believe in these sorts of things more and more.

After an emotional couple of days with the end of my internship, I sat down last night to work on this photo. Originally, I had something completely different in mind and even took a very different first picture…different colors…different scene. It was drastically different from the picture here. Something told me to change course though…and I listened. Ultimately it lead to this picture.

So why did I ask about things happening for a reason and receiving that nudge from someone I wasn’t even talking to? Because this morning, almost 12 hours after this picture was taken, I received word that a very special friend of mine…a friend of mine from Second Life… had lost her battle with breast cancer.

When I took my short vacation a few weeks ago, Brenda was one of the reasons. My sister and her family had suffered a significant loss and I wanted to be able to support them through that time. Additionally, those of us who were close to Brenda received word that she wasn’t expected to live but for a couple more days. She fought though. Brenda fought hard and she bounced back one more time.

Those of us who knew Brenda were able to spend a little more time with her. We were able to joke and laugh with her. We were all able to say those extra I love you’s. We were able to have a couple more happy and memorable conversations with Brenda.

While I didn’t talk with Brenda as much as others over the last few months of her life, she will always be someone who I consider part of my family. She was one of the most open minded, accepting and supportive individuals I ever met. She was also one of the most resilient woman I have ever known.  Before she received her cancer diagnosis, there were nights when the others in this circle of amazing friends would have gone to bed and Brenda and I would stay up until 5 in the morning talking on Skype. She was just incredible.

As I write this, I think about the others who were closer to her than I on a daily basis…Sue, Mike, Shannon and Charlie. I’ve been crying ever since we received the news this morning. I’ve been crying over my own sense of loss. I’ve been crying for the four of you…who knew her so much better than I did. I’ve been crying for Brenda’s family and all of her other friends. My heart is breaking for everyone who knew you, Brenda.

As I looked at this picture today trying to figure out what to write, I can’t help but wonder if Brenda was reaching out to me last night as I was taking the first picture.  As I said, this picture is so drastically different from what I originally envisioned.  Is it just coincidence that I went with white, which symbolizes peace to me? Is it just coincidence that I accented with pink, the color for breast cancer awareness?  Was Brenda reaching out to me in some way to let me and others know she was finally going to be at peace?  Was she asking us to continue the fight against breast cancer so that her death would not just become another statistic? In my mind and heart, that’s what I feel happened.

Even though I didn’t talk with you as much as the other four in this circle of friends, I hope you know how incredibly special you were to me, Brenda…and how incredibly special you always will be to me.

To Sue, Shannon, Mike and Charlie…I love you all and am crying with you today.  There is going to be a hole in all of our lives that will never go away.  She was a truly unique and special woman.

And if there are those of you who do not believe you can make positive, impactful and and meaningful friendships in Second Life.  I am here to tell you that you are wrong.  Brenda is just one example of how someone you meet here can make an incredible difference in your life…if you allow them to.

Rest in peace, Brenda.  You are no longer suffering and have peace.  We will all miss you so much, my friend.

See it on Flickr.

White I’m Wearing
Accessories – Narcisse – Holly Pom Pom Choker [@ Tannenbaum] & Holly Ear Muffs [@ The Liaison Collaborative]
Body – Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
Eyes – Lotus – Balance Eyes #1
Hair – Truth – Truth – Teila [Dec ’18 VIP Gift]
Head & Ears – Catwa Catya
Make Up – The Face – Illusion V2 – Make-up palette for Catwa
Outfit – Kaithleen’s – Krakorka Jumpsuit & Leather Boots [@ Uber]
Shape – Custom – Not for sale.
Skin – Head: The Face – Maya (SPF 30); Body: Fiore (SPF 30)

BellePoses – MerryC 5 & Prop Mug [@ The Liaison Collaborative]

Designz Omega – Mesh Rocks Full Perm
HPMD – Garden Tree08 with Lights – green b
what next – Winter Bench (snowflake)

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  1. I have battled that beast twice in my life. It breaks my heart in a way every survivor knows when they hear the news that a pink sister has gained her wings. Wishing you all a source of comfort, especially at this time of year.

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  2. Thank you, Victoria. *hugs* I am so happy to hear that you have been able to defeat it twice and praying you will never have to fight it again. Those of us close to Brenda will miss her so much…but also make sure she is never forgotten. Thank you again. ♥

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