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In January, 2013, I started this quest to earn a second degree while working full time.  I needed a career change.  I was feeling bored and stuck at work as there was no more room for me to advance.  I needed something to inspire me.  I needed to be a student again.  I needed to grow.

Its been five years of adjusting work schedules.  Five years of sleepless nights.  Five years of praying I could meet deadlines for papers and projects…and occasionally asking for extensions because of work or life.  Five years of sifting through textbooks and research articles.  Five years of doing homework on most major holidays.  Its been five years of using vacation time to complete assignments, not actually take a vacation.

For four straight semesters, I juggled practicum and internship with work, and my other classes.  Working six and seven day weeks to have my 40 hours at the office and complete my practicum and internship requirements.  The nights without sleep increased.  The stacks of books and research articles grew taller.

A 60 hour program.  I have completed 72 hours.  Internship and practicum combined were supposed to be 700 total hours, with 280 of them direct client hours.  I have completed almost 1200 total hours, with 320 of them being direct client hours.  All the while also working…

My mind and body kept going but always feeling the exhaustion.

At approximately 2:15pm SLT on Friday, December 14, 2018, I said one simple phrase to myself…

“Just click submit and you’re done.”

And I am done.

See it on Flickr!

What I’m Wearing
Cae – Trinket Necklace & Mantra Strength Bracelet
Just Because – Anna Slip Dress – Snowflakes [$12L Special @ Access]
Truth – Mitzi V1

Luane’s World – Wish You Were Here 1 & Laptop Prop

Apple Fall
Books – Arrangement 1
Design Books
New York Studio Apartment

ChiMia [@ The Epiphany]
Snowy White Bed (PG)
SW Bedside Light
SW White Curtains

*. emm
clutter : snack tray w. books

book clutter

The Artist ~ Sleepy Pooch

Books clutter
Holiday Lights Decor
Lulu Sofa [December 18 Group Gift]

artsy books

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