She’s Trying To Kill Me!

She's Trying To Kill Me!

If only I had known what I was getting into…

Sooooo…I have done collabs with Melly in the past, but its been a few months.  When I posted that I was looking to do collabs with other bloggers (and no, I haven’t forgotten about everyone else who responded…I have my list!), I never expected what would happen with this one!

Its ironic that Melly went and picked ice skating as our theme for this…since I have never been ice skating in my life!!! Without even knowing this, she jumped on the lead pose so fast I didn’t have a choice but to take the “let me fall flat on my face pose” for this shoot.  And honestly, if I ever do go ice skating, this is probably how I will look…until I come off the rink and see all the bruises forming on my body from the multiple falls! LOL

As always, this collab was filled with so many laughs that our sides still hurt today.  Between the jokes over our facial expressions to Melly trying to teach me some shortcut keystrokes and me getting everything but the desired results…I’m almost surprised we were even able to finish this one!  Oh, Melly…make notes on how to offer a TP in Black Dragon just to be safe for the next collab we do…plleeeaaaassssseeeeee!

With Christmas and the New Year right around the corner, it can be easy to think about all the things that went wrong this year.  I mean, the bad stuff is easier to remember than the good stuff in life.  I wish I knew why that was.  But despite all of the heartache, struggles and disappointments this year, there have also been a lot of successes.  I’ve made new friends.  I’ve found a passion in SL photography and blogging.  I’ve finished grad school.  I have discovered a passion in my soon to be new career.  I have learned to love myself a little more.  I am living a life where I am more me than I have ever been in my life. ♥

The friends though…they are one of the best from the past year.  The reason being…without those friends, I wouldn’t have survived these first seven months of blogging and I sure has hell wouldn’t have survived the struggles of work, grad school and life.  Melly has been one of those people who has just wanted me to be ME…whatever that meant.  She has listened to be me cry, struggle and succeed.  Hopefully, I have done the same for her.

So with that, I am going to pick myself up off the ice, wrap my knee in an ACE bandage, soak in a warm bath…after pegging Melly with a few snowballs for dragging me around the ice like she did! 😉

Merry Christmas, everyone! ♥

Make sure to check out Melly’s side of the story at her blog, Fever Pitch, and her photo on Flickr!
Check out my picture on Flickr!

What I’m Wearing
Just Because – Fiore Scarf B
KC Couture – Alissa Skates & Warmers
Mina – Sira [FaMESHed]
Vinyl – Snowball Cardigan/Dress [Tres Chic]

What Melly’s Wearing
Blueberry – Sweater Dress [Group Gift] & Cake Leggings
KC Couture – Alissa Skates & Warmers
Runaway – Joyce

Black Cats poses – Ice skating 3B

dust bunny
string lights . colored . type b
string lights . colored . type c
winter decor . lighted baby deer
winter decor . lighted female deer
winter decor . lighted male deer

fir tree . a

Garden Tree08 – snowy a

Snowy Cabin [Part of the Naughty or Nice event – Grab the HUD from the mainstore]

Studio Skye
Snowdrift 3

{what next}
Kissing Bridge Wall Lanterns
Large Twinkly Cone Tree (gold)
Medium Twinkly Cone Tree (gold)
‘Sledding Party’ Start Line
Small Twinkly Cone Tree (gold)
Winter Iced Over Pond (Mesh)

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