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I know all big cities have their suburbs…those lovely communities just outside of the city where people began moving a few decades ago to escape the cities.  I don’t know about other cities, but it has been interesting to see how the suburbs have grown and changed since I moved to my city right after college.

The city I live in has a lot of history to it.  Not far from Jamestown, Va., it was one of the first “major” cities in the United States.  Scattered around the city, you will see historical plaques commemorating everyone from John Rolfe to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.  I think I mentioned before that this is the city where Patrick Henry gave his famous “Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death” speech.  The architecture here is amazing and some of the really old and historic parts of the city not only showcase these old historic buildings, but also a rich culture that you typically only see in cities like Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Seattle and San Francisco.

While the city is going through a re-gentrification process now, there are still quite a few people who are choosing to live outside of the city.  As the two counties that immediately surround the city have little to no space left for development, many of these people, especially those individuals brought in by the Fortune 500 companies that are based here, are choosing to live even further out in the more rural counties.

The residents of these counties have taken the opportunity to  buy large lots of land and build these beautiful homes in the country.  Their houses are, of course, outfitted with all of the modern amenities and have more than enough space for their families…along with large yards for everyone to play in.  While there has been a swift move by the more upwardly mobile to move to these counties, they have also taken steps to prevent the type of growth that lead to the congestion of the 2 counties immediately surrounding the city.

With all of these people moving out to the country, I do have to laugh about one thing though.

Most of these people moved outside of the city limits to these rural areas because they were fed up with the traffic and congestion of the city and areas closest to the city.  However, now that they have all moved out there, they are now complaining there are no stores or restaurants near them, forcing them to drive into the city to get what they need.

Sorry, folks…you can’t have it both ways!

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Park Bench Windsor (PG)

The Convertible – Racing
The Sports Car – sky

DaD [@ Uber]
“Winsford House”

Fancy Decor
Hurricane Sconce

Hayabusa Design
Foliage low walkpath Top

cone boxwood topiary
newly planted birch tree [with dirt mound]

Boxwood Shrub (Small)
Boxwood Shrub (Medium)
Boxwood Shrub (Hedge)

Little Branch

.::Cobblestone::. 2.5m_mixed AO
.::Cobblestone::. 5m_mixed AO

Trompe Loeil
Pillar Path Light Wood

{what next}
Hello There Doormat
Hello There Wellies Decor
‘Spring Bloom’ Tulip Planter (red+white)

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