Trouble’s Brewing

N351 Trouble's Brewing Blog

What happens when you get one crazy American woman together with two crazy Danish women?  Nothing but trouble!

Rina, Aleriah and I got together today for a group collab and, as you can expect, it was shocking to say the least.  We all found out a little bit about the other that we didn’t know before and in some cases…one or more of us was covering our eyes trying to recover from witnessing what we saw! LOL  It was a great time though and I will be laughing about this for days.

As we get ready to close out on 2018, these two amazing women really had me thinking more on what’s important in life.  Many of us have had hard years.  Many of us have also had so many positive things happen at the same time.  Remembering and holding onto those positives will be key for all of us as we move into 2019.  I know the friendships I have made with both of these women will be key to getting 2019 off to an amazing start.

Rina and Aleriah…you both came into my life in rather unexpected ways.  But I think the world works that way for us sometimes.  It does that to show us that friendships and other blessings can come into our lives when we least expect it.  You remind me that I always need to be keeping my eyes open for those blessings.  Thank you for being blessings in my life. ♥

As much as I am ready to forget the negatives from 2018…I am holding on to these two ladies as we kick of 2019. ♥

Make sure to check out Rina’s side of the story at her blog, That’s Hot in Second Life, and her version of this picture on Flickr.

Also check out Aleriah’s blog, Girl Next Door.

See my version on Flickr.

What Aleriah Is Wearing (Left)
Amara Beauty – Jia lipstick
Blueberry – Juju – Pleated Skirts & Juju – Sweater
Cae – Aurora :: Necklace
Truth – Joy

What Rina Is Wearing (Center)
Beusy – Yayo Hairstyle + Bandana [@ Kustom9]
Blueberry –  Zuzu Top

Glory Lipsticks x Catwa @equal10 EventWhat I’m Wearing (Right)
Cae – Engraved Bracelet Friend & Mantra Strength Bracelet
Dead Dollz – Mayerling Skirt [@ Uber]
Lamb – Wildflower [@ Uber]
LUXE – Lara Necklace Silver [@ Uber]
The Face – Glory Lipsticks [@ Equal10]
Vinyl – SuperChic Crop

Aleriah – Foxcity – Lost 2 [@ Uber]
Rina – Foxcity – Loner 1m [@ Limit8]
Me – Foxcity – Citylife 6

[ Focus Poses ] – Classroom Backdrop

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