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You may or may not know this but I work with a local dog rescue group.  I don’t work the stands and I don’t do short term fostering.  What I do is a program called forever fostering.

What this group does is when an older dog gets to the point where potential forever families aren’t looking at a dog, they find a volunteer who will take the dog in…until its that pup’s time to to make his or her journey to the Rainbow Bridge and wait for me.  In exchange, the rescue group helps pay for food and vet.  In my case, I told them I would pay for the food if they payed for kennel costs if I had to travel.  They agreed and it has actually worked out well for all of us.

I am currently on my third forever foster.  My first forever foster is secretly my favorite.  *covers her current pup’s eyes so he doesn’t see that*  She was my little princess and was with me through my entire divorce.  She was such a sweet girl and I still think about her all the time.  My second forever foster…I loved him dearly but I had to have him put down shortly after getting him because he became very ill very suddenly.

Then there is Dozer…my current forever foster.  I have had Dozer for five years now and I call him my drunken frat boy.  He is such a goofball.  But he is also so incredibly loyal to me and I love him dearly.  He is very protective of me and almost always by my side.  The protective piece…it brings a lot of comfort to me considering the journey I am on.

Sadly, Dozer is starting to slow down significantly.  My boy is getting old and has been getting some extra pampering for all he has done for me.

When Dozer decides to head to the Rainbow Bridge, I will get another forever foster.  However, I think Dozer will always be my best boyfriend.  ♥

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Blueberry – Julia Leggings
Reign – Sheepskin Boots
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Vinyl – Georgia Crop Top

[evoLove] – Sassy [@ Pose Fair]

Photo Booth – Old Station

cabin in the woods v1.1

Countryside Collies :: Companion Pup Blue Merle

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