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I don’t know if you guys will be happy about this or not, but I’m not going to write much today.  Things are a bit rough here in rl right now and let’s just say I have too much on my mind to even try to figure out how to get any of it out of my head and into something coherent.  Just know I am trying to take care of myself with everything that’s going on.  Hopefully, I will succeed in doing that.  That hasn’t always been my strength.

The one thing I will say is that this whole scene makes me think back to more peaceful times on our family farm.  There was an actual library room there and my grandparents had it fill from floor to ceiling with books.  It was where I used to go hide and read when I was visiting them.

I wish I could go back there.  Sadly we sold the family homestead a few years ago.  Lately I have really been missing it.  The farm, and that library, was one of the few stable places I had growing up.

I could really use that stability right about now.

See it on Flickr.

What I’m Wearing
Essenz – Arkansas [@ Lootbox]
Just Because – Bailey Skirt [@ A+ Event]
Narcisse – Lydia Ruffle Halterneck [@ A+ Event]
RunAway Hair – Andrea Hair

DaD [@ FaMESHed X]
“The Ladder”

22769 [@ The Epiphany]
Big Bookshelf – COMMON
Bookstore Quotes – COMMON
Chair with Books – COMMON
Cluster Of Books – COMMON
Row Of Books – COMMON
Table With Books – COMMON
Tall Stack Of Books – COMMON
The Messy Book Shop – RARE
Worn Rug – COMMON

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