The Morning After

n379 the morning after blog

Typically the after party is far more memorable than the main gala.  Especially when you can’t even make it to the bedroom.

Just make sure you clean up the next day before company arrives. 😉

See it on Flickr.

Shelf&Wine – Wine Bottle and Vase

ACORN – After Dark Chair Set [@ FaMESHed X]
Brass Stud Chair -Adult
Mask Set
Rug -Leopard
Tall Brass Side Table

Apple Fall
Whisky Decanter
Wine Glasses

dust bunny
fiddle leaf tree
pilea peper plant

long sheer curtains

built-in kitchen skybox

Loft & Aria
Amberleigh Hydrangeas In a Vase
Daphne wall flutter
Devon deco slippers
Diedra Amsonia bouquet in a vase

Liza Adult Toy Box
Liza Bra
Liza Heels – Black
Liza Panties

Super long Hanging Hedera

Smoker Set

unKindness [@ The Epiphany]
Living Gold Black Fireplace RARE
Living Gold Black Lamp COMMON
Living Gold Black Mirror COMMON
Living Gold Black Screen COMMON
Living Gold Black Ottoman COMMON
Tuscany Winery Bottle Single [@ mainstore]

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