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So here’s a question for everyone.  Out of everyone that you talk to and encounter in a day, how many of them do you truly know?  How many could you say that you knew what was going on in their world?  My guess is, not many.

In a typical weekday, I could directly encounter close to 1000 people…in real life.  I get to work.  I take the shuttle with several people.  I though our complex…encounter who knows how many people.  We have almost 20,000 employees and millions of customers every year.  My office is in the financial district, so I walk past how many people?  The shuttle back to my car at the end of the day.  Stores on the way home.

And all of this doesn’t even count the number of people we interact with on Facebook, text messages or some other electronic medium each day.

Out of all those people you interact with, how many can you say you truly know and understand?  How many truly know and understand you?

Just for the record here, I am not saying I am any better than anyone else.  I am guilty of it.  The advent of the internet and social media, while allowing us to connect with more people, has also reduced the depth of our interactions with each other.  I mean, I know that no matter how “real” I try to be on Facebook or here in my blog, there are still certain things I hold back on.  Why do I do that?  A big part of it is trusting the people you are talking to.  Without depth in our relationships, how can we have those truly vulnerable conversations and moments with each other?

Using myself for an example, I have soooooooo many questions about the changes going on with my body.  I am often afraid or ashamed to ask these questions and so I sit alone trying to sort it out.  Well, that doesn’t work so well.  Today, I took a chance and asked one of my girlfriends from SL, someone I have become incredibly close to over the past year, a question that had been boggling my mind.  I shocked her so much that her husband asked her what was going on…which both had a very good laugh about.  LOL  But its because she and I have put in the time and effort to develop that level of friendship and trust with one another that I felt safe to ask her that question.  How many of us have those friends we truly can share our deepest, darkest secrets with and feel confident they aren’t going anywhere?

I think all of us are seeking that sort of connection.  We all want it…crave it…need it.  Those friendships where we can be our totally dysfunctional selves without fear of being left or ridiculed.  I know I need those connections now, more than ever.  What about you?

I don’t know the answer on how to fix this other than for each of us to just take a risk and be vulnerable.  What I do know is that as human beings, we crave social connection.  We seek and need it.  Thankfully, the risks that have been so successful, like the one I mentioned before, carry more weight than the times I have been rejected and ridiculed.

So what can you change to make your day less about passing by others and more about making a connection?

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