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As most of you know, I grew up in a small farming community.  My hometown isn’t really known for much of anything.  Most people who hear the name assume my hometown is a suburb of Boston, MA.  Nope!  Sorry!  All country girl here!  If they do know where my hometown is located, its only because that area was known for its ties to tobacco and a place where NASCAR drivers used to race at the start of their careers.  Yeah…my hometown isn’t known for much.

One thing we have become known for over the past 15-17 years or so is this beautiful historic hotel.

There was this gorgeous old plantation home just outside of town when I was a kid. It was vacant for decades.  As a teenager, it was one of the places my friends and I would sneak off to so we could drink without our parents knowing.  People think I’m kidding when I say that I got shot in the ass by rock salt on more than one occasion by the man who kept an eye on the land.  Anyway, I digress…

About 15 or so years ago, this property was bought by a hotel management company that was well known for purchasing historic properties and turning them into successful hotels.  They achieved it with this property and it has become one of the few things drawing people to my hometown.  They have beautiful weddings there.  My sister’s wedding reception was there.  They have a spa, pool, tennis courts, bar and grill, 5 star restaurant and more on the property.  They took the upstairs of the house and turned the rooms there into two gorgeous suites.  There was an entire wing built off the back of the house, barely visible so as not to spoil the view of the property, where the regular rooms are.

There are also two “guesthouses” off of the main driveway that can be rented.

Granted, the structures on this property are a completely different architecture than the Winsford Guesthouse shown here, but when I saw this house, that was immediately what I thought of.  The place back home where I have amazing memories of friends and family getting married.

Oh!  And let’s not forget the memories of getting shot in the ass with rock salt! 😉

See it on Flickr.

aa Build & Design Rustic Road Pack
Dirt Track 5.7m Straight.
Dirt Track 90* Short Bend
Dirt Track 20m Straight.

Doberman – no anim/collar (prop from Doberman Female pose pack)

Apple Fall
Hanging Wicker Basket

DaD [@ Uber]
“Winford Guesthouse” V. 1.0

[Duvet Day]
My Cosy Cottage bench

Scrappy Scooter – Agent Orange – Loaded

Hayabusa Design
Field Grass foliage Pampas on wind M5 v1-2 T100

cone boxwood topiary
oak tree [large]

Cliff Hill – green A

Little Branch

Autumn Flower Bucket
Hiding Place [@ Access Event]

(Milk Motion)
small car – red

Tropica Lounger Blue 1

bucket of tulips

Boston Dog Days of Summer Yoga

hanging planter

Benvenuto Marbel Planter

{what next}
Autumn Bicycle Decor
Bramley Bench (White)
Bramley Porch Swing White (medium)
‘Coastal’ Marlow Chair (left)
Fall Harvest Wheelbarrow
‘Spring Bloom’ Tulip Planter (red+white)

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