Coming To Bed?

N387 Coming To Bed Blog

Ok, so my dating experience as a woman is non-existent at this point.  I am aware of that and acknowledge it without hesitation.  However, I know what I want moving forward.  Granted, that may change…but I know what I’m looking for out of anyone I date and relationships as a whole.  Still…there are many aspects of dating I am TOTALLY clueless about right now.  I have a lot to learn.

But guys, remember one thing…we girls talk.  I have already heard all the stories…from both sides, actually.  Having said that, here is a piece of advice for all you fellas out there.

So many of you love to see your woman all decked out in lingerie.  If we wear it for you…don’t make us wait for you.  If you want us to keep wearing all the sexy garters, bodices, corsets, etc…I would recommend you turn off that game and come join us in the bedroom right away.

I mean…don’t you feel desired when we wear these kinds of outfits for you?  Make sure you let us know how much you desire us when you see us in them.

Here endith the lesson… 😉

See it on Flickr.

What I’m Wearing
Cae – Trinket Necklace (long)
Dead Dollz – Parabellum Bodysuit [@ Cupid Event]
Truth – Fiji

Amitie – Throw Blanket 03 [@ Uber]

Sakura Curtains
SW Bedside Table

dust bunny
fiddle leaf tree

DaD Virtual Living
“Chelsea Victorian Loft”

Rainy Days Bed

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