Good Morning, Dear

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Good morning, dear.

I’m sorry I had to leave before you woke up.  I know my current schedule is difficult, but I want you to know how much I appreciate your patience, love and support.  You truly do make all of this easier and have been such a rock for me.  I hope I have been the same for you.

Since I had to miss our planned brunch, I wanted to make sure you at least had breakfast waiting for you and a bouquet of your favorite flowers.  Also, the dog has been walked and fed, so you can take your time getting out of bed this morning.  I wanted to make sure you had an easy day with all you have been doing with me being gone so much.

I can’t wait to see you tonight.  I’ll grab some pizza on the way home so you won’t need to worry about anything.

Thank you for being you and all you do.


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What I’m Wearing
Cae – Trinket Necklace (long)
*elise* – Erika Maitreya Bento Rings
RunAway – Aurelie [@ FaMESHed]
Salt & Pepper – Teryl [@ Cupid Event]

Foxcity – Stay In Bed 1

Arlette Sweet Pea bouquet

Earthenwood Loft (Gents Crate Sept 2016)

summer bed bondage

*. emm
clutter : snack tray w. books

Delilah ~ Spaniel Resting

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