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Lord, why do we make things so complicated?  Can’t we just keep it nice and simple?

I remember when I got engaged *mumble, mumble* years ago, all of the women I knew who were getting engaged were screaming, “If its less than a 1 caret, I’m saying no.”

Ummm…excuse me?  What did you say?  You would really so no to the guy you claim to love if the engagement ring was less than 1 caret?

That ranks right up there with these extravagant weddings.  People are going bankrupt trying to plan these extravagant weddings and completely over priced honeymoons.  I just don’t get it!

Maybe I am a simpler girl than some of the women out there?  Maybe I have learned from my mistakes?  Maybe…I don’t know.  I know my wedding was pretty simple.  We had it back in my home town to save on costs.  The wedding was in the church my family attending for generations.  The reception was at the family farm.  It would have been even cheaper except my ex’s father was disabled and we had to make some extra accommodations for him.  Regardless, my wedding was more than 50% less than any of the weddings my friends from college had.  That’s right…more than 50% LESS.

Overall, I am a simple girl.  If I ever get married, do I want the engagement ring and the white dress?  Yes.  But if I get married again, I could care less how big the ring is.  I don’t need an extravagant dress.  I don’t want or need a huge ceremony.  Something simple with the people closest to me there.  That’s all I need.

Keep that in mind with Valentine’s Day ahead.  Who says we have to top previous Valentine’s Days?  Who says you have to have dinner at the best place in town?  Why can’t it be a romantic drive or walk and candle light dinner at home?  Maybe some quality time of cuddling on the sofa and taking the time to really talk about what you mean to each other?  Maybe a single rose or a small bouquet of stargazer lilies instead of a dozen roses?

Isn’t love more about the effort and quality of the relationship as opposed to how much someone spends on you?

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Imitation – Rosie 3 [@ Pose Fair Valentine’s Pop Up]

Foxcity – Escape (With window light)

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