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N403 I Need Warmth Blog

Plain and simple…I NEED warmer temperatures!

Now, in the Mid-Atlantic, we have been getting these really weird changes in temperatures lately.  Like this past weekend, it was in the 60’s on Friday, low 30’s on Saturday and then back into the 60’s yesterday.  Mother nature…take whatever meds you need to at least be consistent…please!!!

In the past, I wouldn’t have complained about the fluctuations in temperatures so much.  I would have just complained about the colder days and cherished the warmer days.  There is a problem though.  My temperature regulation SUCKS now and I am so much more cold natured than I used to be.

Despite all the jokes men like to make about women always being cold, there is a lot of truth to this fact.  Guys…are you used to being a called a human heater by your girlfriends?  Women…you know the jokes about putting your cold feet or hands on your boyfriend and nearly giving him a heart attack?  Guess what…there is science behind it and I can tell you there is truth to it.

Women typically have a higher core body temperature than men.  Why is this?  They body is working to make that if/when they get pregnant, the core stays warm!  Men, historically, were out in the cold hunting and gathering.  Because of this, their bodies focused on keeping the whole body a more uniform temperature, especially the extremities.  There is also the fact that men, as compared to women, have thicker, more dense body hair covering a larger portion of their bodies therefore helping to keep them warm.  Kind of an interesting fact, isn’t it?

I used to be so incredibly warm natured.  I could have set the house AC to 60 and I would still be warm.  Now…?  Pffftttt!  Anything but!  Now, I am as cold natured as they come.  I sleep in a sweatshirt and long pj’s almost every night, including the summer.  My heat has been turned up higher than I have ever had it…and when I am on my sofa, I am still bundled up in my favorite blanket.

So yeah, I need warmth.  Whether its a fireplace, cuddling up with Dozer or packing my bags for some tropical destination, I need to feel consistent warmer temperatures.  Either that or I need some guy who will be my human heater.  Either works for me!

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22769 [@ The Liaison Collaborative]
Hitching Post Table Lamp – Iron

Apple Fall
Books – Arrangement 2
Books – Arrangement 3
Books – Arrangement 4
Books & Map
Cosmos Flowers – Pink
Design Books
Natural Apples
Nectarines w/ Basket

Nouvel Rug

[Bella Rose]
Bike Deco

Flatscreen TV

DaD [@ FaMESHed]
“The Wave skybox”

dust bunny
book pile
pink medinilla plant
potted bromeliad
potted cheese plant
potted palm

modern coffeetable
sectional sofa

Fancy Decor [@ The Liaison Collaborative]
Rene Books & Feathers
Rene Console (wood)

Delilah ~ Spaniel Resting (static)
The Artist ~ Flower Sketchbook

Adventure Globe
Books clutter
Designer’s Bag
Designer’s Laptop
Designer’s Planner
Flower Bouquet
Travel Planning
Vintage Storage Box
World Map

Padre Loco
Picture Frame Arrangement

Tap That App – Laptop and Books

Livy Chair White

Potted Ponytail Palm [Ssize]
Super long Hanging Hedera
Wall art [Sea Echo]

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