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Its been a while since I have done any real shopping in RL.  After internship, I was pretty worried about my finances.  Not that I was in bad shape.  It was just that after four months of not working for a full paycheck and having to dip into your savings some, you worry.  Thankfully, between overtime and my tax return, things are much better here.

So that means…its time to do some shopping! *does a little happy dance*

One of my big concerns had been make up, but I am feeling better about that now.  A friend’s daughter works in one of the local department stores and actually works where?   You guessed it!  In the make up department!  She and I are going to schedule a few days to help me start learning what I need to know there.  Fortunately, I want to wear as little make up as possible…just what I need to present and/or is fitting for the occasion.  Contouring will be probably the hardest thing for me to learn, but I have to learn it…right?  I am so incredibly grateful this woman is going to help.  That has been a huge weight off my chest as my other rl girlfriends have not been reliable there.

My other big concern is a work wardrobe.  A casual wardrobe, while no where near as cute as I want, is enough to go out for dinners and such.  But work clothes… *facepalm*  I have nothing so far.  I’m not sure if it was a good thing or bad thing that I waited until now to start looking at a wardrobe.  Part of that though was that while I obviously want to look cute going out with friends and such, looking put together at work is going to be essential for me.  I am expecting whispers and scrutiny at work…and I want to give them as little to judge me on as possible.

Thankfully, now, I have enough money to address both of these issues.  I know all you women out there know make up isn’t cheap…now are clothes.  So all of it combined is going to be any expense.  But I’ll get there.  Guys…you really have no concept of what we go through to look pretty…

Its almost time for everyone in rl to see the real me.  I need to be ready!

See it on Flickr.

What I’m Wearing
EarthStones – Dottie Necklace [@ Uber]
RYCA – Sunglasses PRDA01
Scandalize – Nairi Dress & Bralette [@ Uber]
Truth – Zahlee [@ Uber]

Amitie – Shopping Day Gacha 4 & Props

Cafe & Decor Set

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