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So I’m a dork, I admit it.  I’m also pretty simple in most ways.  I have my quirks where I can be more eccentric, but in a lot of ways, I am just a simple girl.

The other day, I made a posted a meme on Facebook saying that I have been single so long, I couldn’t care about sex…I miss the hugs and cuddles.  A lot of people felt the same way…granted it was primarily women who felt the same way.  But that makes sense too…that’s just how women are.  We want that emotional intimacy more than men typically do.  Men are typically more focused on the physical intimacy.

And guys…no…I am not bashing on you.  That’s just the way your minds work more often than not.  Ever heard the saying that “Men give love for sex and women give sex for love”?  The amount of truth in that statement is unbelievable.

Ok…so back to simple and the post I made.  So yeah, its the emotional closeness that comes from being held and what not that I miss.  And the goofy simple things.  I hear people talking about how they miss these big elaborate things.  They miss fancy dinners, expensive trips and things like that.  Me…I miss the simple moments.  The goofy nights at home.  I miss the “let’s stay in our pj’s and watch movies in bed while we eat junk food” days.  I miss the let’s fix that totally inappropriate meal at 3am after we have up talking all night.  I miss the breakfast in bed, the sudden picnic lunch at the park and things of that nature.

I have always said that I care less about the money spent and care more about the effort put into things.  But then I guess effort is one of my primary love languages.  Seems like a no brainer to me, but then I can be a bit out in left field at times. lol

So, when I do decide to settle down in a relationship…you better be willing to stay up late with me and talk.  And when we realize how hungry we are at 3am…don’t fix me something healthy.  Let’s share the pint of Ben & Jerry’s or make pancakes…and then go back to bed and just hold each other all night.

Yeah…I am that simple of a girl. ♥

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What I’m Wearing
Foxy – Latte Hair
Vinyl – Carol Henley [Fifty Linden Friday special, 3/1]
ViSion – Regina Panties

Foxcity – Loner 2m Alternate

Apple Fall
Hetton Barn Conversion

Nouvel Rug

SW White Curtains

dust bunny
book pile
botanical tote
cozy reading

Countryside Collies :: Companion Pup Blue Merle

Letter board (Know Your Worth)

Breakfast Tray
Canvas Sneakers Decor
Decorative Red Heels (Type2)
Hot Water Bottles and Mask
Snuggly Swing

Olwen Laptop

Super long Hanging Hedera

boho wall art
macrame hanging chair

Telluric Wood Tables

{what next}
Vintage Alarm Clock

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