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I am in dire need of warm spring days and beautiful fresh flowers.

The weather here has been miserable lately.  While we have had some warmer days in mid 50’s, its pretty much been in the 30’s-40’s, overcast and rainy for the better part of the last month.  The James River has spilled over its banks in certain parts of Virginia and is threatening to do that here at the fall line.  There has actually been talk of closing the flood wall gates here in Richmond as the river is not getting a chance to recede much before more rain moves into the area.  Its a bit nerve wracking at times.

The one good thing about the rain?  When the warmer weather arrives, the flowers should be beautiful!  I am soooooooo looking forward to the flowers, the leaves, the smell of freshly cut grass and all those lovely fragrances that come with spring.

For most of my life, I haven’t been able to enjoy flowers the way I always wanted to.  Part of that is my sense of smell was nothing like it is now.  I have shared before that women have a much more attuned sense of smell compared to men and I, for one, love it.  I love capturing the scents and letting them kind of fill my soul and overpower my senses.  I walked into a florist just the other week and I thought I was in heaven with all the different flowers and their scents.  All I could think was, “I have been missing this all my life???  What the hell???”

The other part of not being able to enjoy flowers the way I wanted was the pressures of society to fit into this mold of who they though I should be.  Cultural “norms” are a bitch.  Sorry, but they are!  Why should ANYONE feel guilty for putting beautiful flowers in their home?  If I were dating a guy who loved flowers, is there a problem if I decided to send him flowers at work?  Granted…he better be sending me some too if I’m sending some to him! lol  But you get where I’m coming from.  I remember in the past when I would buy flowers for someone I was dating and they would leave the flowers at my place.  The comments that I would hear from others could be never ending at times.

So yeah, I am looking forward to spring, sunshine and flowers.  Longer days, warmer temperatures and the explosion of colors that come with spring are very much needed in my world.  With this winter being the way it has been, both personally and weather wise, I want to smell all those beautiful scents Mother Nature gives us.  I want to head over to the botanical gardens and various parks here in town and see the gorgeous landscaping and use that to help me figure out which flowers to place inside my house and which to plant outside.

I just need spring…the warmth, the scents and the beautiful sights.  I need to feel that sense of rebirth again that comes with spring.  Who else is anxious for the same?

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What I’m Wearing
Cae – Layered Necklace
Salt & Pepper – Samantha [@ Uber]
Truth – Lake

Amitie – Parisien 2 & Tulipan, Wicker Bag & Wicker Bag Props (R arm & head adjustments made with Animare) [@ Uber]

sincerity [city fillers] #2

florist vase/iris
florist vase/lchrysanthemum
florist vase/lhydrangeas
florist vase/sage
florist vase/sunflowers
Vintage florist cart

Y0-Y0 VideoProduct

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