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My sleep schedule has been incredibly out of whack the past couple of weeks with things at work.  A huge system upgrade has made things worse as I am having to flip flop between days and nights.  Sadly, all the crazy adjustments have resulted in me having a hell of a cold right now.

I would KILL to have a bathroom like this…where I could just go and soak.  Maybe the water would be warm enough to clear my sinus so I could enjoy all the scents from the bath bombs?

What a dream that would be right now!

See it on Flickr.

Apple Fall
Cosmos Flowers – Candystripe
Cosmos Flowers – Pink
Cosmos Flowers – Red

Avery Vase With Lililies

07. Alquer Basket flowers

dust bunny
hanging plants . cheese plant
hanging plants . double planter
potted palm
potted rubber tree

bathrobe white
long sheer curtains
wicker laundry basket with towel

Decor – Wall Towels Only (From the Cleanse Photobooth)

Bathroom Sanctuary Set [@ The Arcade]
Bath bombs
Bath Salts
Body Towels Decor 1
Body Towels Decor 2
Chair (diy bodyscrub) 1
Chair (scrubs and lotions)
Cottonballs Jars
Decorative Wall Shelf
Hair Products
Marble Tub
Tub Tray Femme

Elegant Shower Cabinet [@ Uber]

Autumn Flower Bucket
Her Towel
His Towel

Wooden Stool With Towels

joy bench

Second Spaces [@ Uber]
Dean Powder Room – containers for things
Dean Powder Room – stool with stuff

Super long Hanging Hedera

{what next}
Ondine Bath Mat

*Zoe’s Garden*
Romantic Lady Slippers in Marble Vase

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