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So my brain is floating around in la la land big time today.  I’ve tried to stop it, briefly, but I gave up because I wasn’t having much success.

Part of the problem is I am tired.  We had a major system upgrade at work this week and its absolutely destroyed my sleeping patterns.  We tried to get things done on Tuesday night, but there were some technical issues and so we had to stop the work at about 1am.  I got home about 4am Wednesday morning and took Wednesday off…but I only allowed myself a few hours of sleep thinking it would be a week before we tried the upgrade again.

Yeah…no.  We tried again last night.  I was finally able to leave the office about 4:30am after a 16 hour day and I ended up taking Uber home.  I had left me car in the secured lot at work, which closed at midnight and didn’t open again until 6am this morning…and I wasn’t about to wait for the lot to open.  Plus, I was so tired, I was afraid to drive.  When I finally got home, I stayed awake long enough to let the dog out and give him about five minutes of love before I collapsed in exhaustion.

Unfortunately, we have had some problems with the upgrade, so I was woken up at 630a and 8a…and have been up since.  So yeah…do you remember that old anti-drug commercial where they showed you an egg and said, “This is your brain,” followed by an egg cooking in a frying pan and the words, “This is your brain on drugs”?  That’s about how my brain feels right now. lol

The other reason I am day dreaming?  Well…things are still going well with sweet guy.  I know he is going to see this and probably laugh.  After I post, he usually asks me questions about my post…which helps support my nickname for him.  The fact that he takes the time to read my posts and share his thoughts with me, no matter whether he agrees with what I write or not, means a great deal to me.  We typically have some great talks after he reads what I have posted. ♥

I do have to laugh at the two of us though.  We are both having to adjust as we get to know each other more.  I am guessing here, but I don’t think he is used to someone as independently minded as I am.  And then for me, I am not used to someone wanting to be as present and…protective, supportive, empowering…I’m not sure of the best word to use…as he has been.  I won’t speak for him except to say I think he is discovering I am very different from most women…AND NO COMMENTS FROM THE PEANUT GALLERY ON THAT ONE!!! LOL

And me…I’ve been so used to just doing it all on my own for so long that I rarely ask for help, much less know what to do when someone does things to help and emotionally support me…period.  I find myself having to stop sometimes and remind myself that this is a good sign that someone is giving back of himself the same way I try to give of myself with someone I am involved with.  I am used to very one sided romantic relationships…so as refreshing as this is…I also have to make sure that I allow him to do those small caring gestures for me as much as he needs to let me do the same for him.

So it seems today is a day of both rest and daydreams.  I’m just going to relax and enjoy it. ♥

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Blueberry – Ela Shorts
Dead Dollz – Jolie Sweater [@ Belle]
Wasabi – Junko Hair [@ Uber]

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Le Poppycock – Fair Weather Friend [@ The Liaison Collaborative]

Siamese Cat Lying – Mesh – Full Perm

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