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If you didn’t see it on Facebook yesterday, I have gotten all my lab results from Monday’s vampire stick back and to say I am beyond excited would be a gross understatement.  My nurse and I laughed when she called because I screamed so loudly into the phone when she told me the results that someone all the way across her office heard my joy.  Ok, so I had a total fangirl moment there over my lab results.  Sue me. lol

A couple of months ago I had posted something about that round of blood work.  One of my friends asked why we were celebrating my lab results…or at least why was I so excited about where my levels were.  I think there is often a misunderstanding, both with those beginning transition, as well as those who are supporting us, why those lab values are so important and why they really need to be within certain ranges.

I think its a common myth that all you have to do to transition is take a bunch or estrogen or a bunch of testosterone and everything just happens.  That’s not the case at all.  There are risks associate with HRT.  It also has to be dosed properly or everything you are hoping to achieve can be ruined.  This is why self dosing and/or using back market medications is so dangerous.

If you all remember back to your puberty, it was a process that occurred over a few years.  What you may not know is that as you went through puberty, your body was gradually increasing your hormones a little at a time to help your body develop properly.  Please note that last statement to…your body was gradually increasing your hormones a little at a time to help your body develop properly.

I can’t speak to target blood levels for those transitioning female to male.  However, for people like myself, we have to be careful.  taking too much estrogen can dramatically increase our risk of heart attack or stroke.  Taking too much estrogen at any point in our development can also cause our bodies to not develop well at all  As my endocrinologist told me, “If you put in too much estrogen too early, you end up with things like one breast looking like a baseball and the other looking like a pancake.”  Hip and butt development can be impacted.  There are other potential side effects as well.

So essentially, I get to go through puberty, a second time, with as controlled a process as is possible.  Now that my estrogen is where it needs to be (in the 100-150 range), I get to spend a few more months with my current estrogen dosing.  Next, and this will probably happen in May, my dose will be increased until I spend six months with my levels between 150-200.  After that, they will bump my dosing up again to increase my levels again for a year and then, after that, figure out the best maintenance dosing for me long term.

This not only produces a gradual increase in the hormones but also keeps my levels as balanced as possible  You also them to be as balanced the course of the transition and not fluctuating all over the place.  Broad fluctuations can hinder development and pose their own health risks.

So along with all that, there is also the medicine I take to keep the testosterone out of my system.

For the record…I just want to say that lord, my mind is so much clearer without all that running through me!  I will take the crying at every Hallmark commercial any day over what I used to have going on in my head!

Back to the medication though.  While it is great at keeping the T out of my body, that medicine comes with its own risks as well.  While I haven’t discussed this in any of my previous posts about my blood work, I have to have my liver enzymes checked every three months now as that medicine can cause damage to the liver with long term use at the dose I have to take.  Fortunately, I will be able to stop taking that med at some point…so that will not be a lifelong concern.

So I guess back to the original point…those lab values are very important to those of us transitioning.  They dictate all of our medicine dosing and, if they aren’t where they need to be, can put us at risk for serious medical conditions and very abnormal development.  I mean, speaking for myself…I want my development to go as well as possible.

I’ve got enough hurdles in front of me without having to worry about one breast being super flat and one butt cheek sagging four inches below the other.  Would you want that?

See it on Flickr.

What I’m Wearing
Accessories – Cae – Faithful Collar [Mainstore] & Aurealis Jewelry – Taurus Earrings [@ Access]
Body – Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
Eyes – The Face – Mirror Eyes Palette
Hair – Ade – Control [@ Access]
Head & Ears – Catwa Catya
Make Up – Cosmetize – The KISS-ME Collection [@ Access]
Nails – The Face – Blink Bento Nails [@ eBento Event]
Shape – Custom – Not for sale.
Skin – Not Found – Piper Skin Bronze

Foxcity – Loner 7


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