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I am not an avid reader.  I have struggled with reading due to dyslexia for most of my life…hence a lot of the typos you have to struggle to read through here. lol  The previous few years made reading less enjoyable for me too as I struggled to keep up with all of my reading in grad school.  Between the lack of time to read for fun and having to read so much for my classes, the enjoyment I used to get when I could find a book engaging enough to read was hard to find.

I am starting to get to the point where I want to read again.  I’ll probably start with some of my favorite books from the past.  There are four or five I would love to read again as they were so engaging that despite my dyslexia, I still burned through them in record time.  There are also a few books I have been dying to read that I want to start on after that.

Its funny because I didn’t read several books I wanted to read for so much of my life due to fear of ridicule and what not.  Well…now is the time for me to sit down and read those books.

I just need to create a cozy little corner in my house like this to read in. ♥

See it on Flickr.

Apple Fall
Hetton Barn Conversion
Macarons on Sketchbook

ARIA & The Loft
Signe bleached canvas rug
Devon book pile and glasses

dust bunny
pilea peper plant

color change tulips
long sheer curtains
vase with 2 color change tulips

Fancy Decor
Grantaire Armchair (pg)
Grantaire Nesting Tables
Merlot Wine Glass

Little Branch

.peaches. Wanderlust Collection [@ Bloom]
Vase and Books
White Bun

Potted Pothos [Ssize]

.:TM Creation:. Spring Bike Scene [@ The Liaison Collaborative]
Garden Scene
~Ground Cover Cherry Blossoms

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