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Before my grandfather got the family farm, he had a little lake house in south central Virginia.  He wanted to keep it after he got the farm but my grandmother, who was in her late 50’s and had horrible Rheumatoid Arthritis told him that if he kept both places, in addition to the house in our hometown, that would be the one thing that would cause her to divorce him.  Go, grandma! LOL

I will admit that while I agree that my grandmother could have never tended to all three places, I did miss the ol’ lake house after it was sold.  I had some wonderful memories there.  Especially memories of my father and our times together.  After my parents separated (I was 3 when they divorced), the lake house became our warm weather weekend destination with Dad.  We spent Memorial Days and July 4th’s there.  The place wasn’t much but it was incredibly special to all of us and, until the farm came into the picture, was where we had most of our warm weather family gatherings on my Dad’s side.

Daddy died before my grandfather sold the lake house.  One of the hardest parts of transitioning to the family farm was that there were no memories of Daddy there.  Granted, I was only nine when the lake house was sold, but I wished in my heart every night that there was some way to hold on to it so I didn’t lose that place I enjoyed so much with Daddy.

The lake house took on an extra special meaning though between the time my dad died and the time my grandfather sold the house.

Following my father’s death, I spent A LOT of time at the lake house with Grandma and Granddad.  As an 8 year old child, I had a very difficult time understanding both death and circumstances of my father’s death.  My grandfather, not being a very emotionally expressive person, didn’t really talk to me much about it.  Instead, he would take me out on the boat with him.  I would help him pick blackberries and raspberries and things of that nature.  My grandmother…that was a whole different story.

Every night we were at the lake, my grandmother and I would sit by the water.  Either on the dock or on the shoreline, we would just sit and talk.  She did her best every night to ease the fears of a scared 8 year old girl who was missing her father.  She did her best to help me get a better understanding of death.  She did an amazing job letting me cry to her and work through the stages of grief.  She was, to put it simply, amazing.

So yeah, the water…lakes, rivers, the ocean…has a very special meaning to me. All of my family who has gone on loved the water and the water was a part of special times together.  Its been near the water where I have come to grips and developed an understanding of many of my life’s greatest loses.

Its near the water where I know I can always find peace.

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Bee Designs
Tiki cooler with drink giver 2

Fresno Bench

Cube Republic
Cattail Clusters 1-12

Blowing Curtain B – m/c –
Blowing Curtain C – m/c –
Off Sim Forest Pines 40mt low- copy -V.1.0
“Riverstone House” c/m V.1.0 [@ Uber]
“Sweet Dreams path rectangular ” c/m
“Sweet Dreams path rectangular B ” c/m
“Venetian Blinds A-1” c/m
“Venetian Blinds B-1” c/m

Hayabusa Design
Field Grass foliage Pampas on wind M5 v1-2 T100
Wind Field of Grass and Flowers M1 v1-1a tf1
Wind Field of Grass and Flowers M1 v1-1a tf3
Wind Field of Grass and Flowers M1 v1-1a tf4
Wind Field of Grass and Flowers M1 v1-1a tf12

Dirt Road – brown

Boxwood Shrub (Medium)
Boxwood Shrub (Small)

Little Branch

Luna Fatale
Animated Rotating Flag on Pole v2.5 – CM

Autumn Flower Bucket

Potted Pothos [Ssize]

[Hanae] Flower Ladder . dark

.:TM:. Creation
[Spring Bike] Garden Scene GP18

{what next}
‘Coastal’ Marlow Chair (left)
‘Coastal’ Marlow Chair (right)
‘Coastal’ Marlow End Table
‘Coastal’ Marlow Tray Decor

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