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Looks like I have two “storms” brewing on the horizon.

Do you remember the post I made a few weeks back about social media, especially as it relates to work?  Well…literally just days after I posted that, I got an email from our Human Resources office wanting to speak to me about a social media posts one of my team members made.

As it turns out, this Caucasian female employee has some pretty hard core right wing views.  Bonehead that she is, decided to express some pretty racist views on a Facebook thread and someone who was very upset by the comments reported her to our HR office.  The person that reported the comments…not even an employee at my hospital.  However, the offended person saw on my team member’s profile that she worked for us…and all it took was an email with a screen shot to result in me having to meet with this woman.

I met with her today.  While I had come to suspect she had some pretty racist views a while ago, I was astounded by what came out in the meeting with her.  Let’s see…the only member of the management team she has issue with is African American.  The only member of the floor team she likes is Caucasian.  Hmmm…do we think she might be racist?  Now, she got a formal disciplinary notice for her Facebook comments and has been warned that if it happens again, she will be fired.  But guess what?  It gets better…

She apparently believes that that people like myself, and all those like me are going to hell and that we don’t deserve our basic civil rights.

I will say it took everything I had to remain cool after hearing that.  I will be having a follow up discussion with HR on Tuesday and will be sharing this little tidbit of information with them.  The good thing for me?  HR knows I am transitioning and supports me fully.  Additionally, our organization’s president has made it very clear that people who cannot put their personal beliefs aside to work in a diverse work environment will be fired on the spot.

Anyone want to place bets on how long she will last once I start presenting full time?  I give her a month…tops.

So that’s one storm I will be facing in the coming months.  Not great but, in reality, I’m not worried about it because I know my company stands by me and will protect me.  I am actually laughing thinking about how that situation will all play out.

So the second storm.  Well…this one will be with my family.

As I have shared before, my mother’s side of the family is split pretty much 50/50 over accepting and supporting me.  You may remember me sharing about a family wedding last summer that I was told not to attend because my aunt and uncle don’t accept me and felt I was going to use my cousin’s wedding as my “coming out party.”  Whatever.  I did learn about some members of the family who do support me and who were also very upset when I was told not to come home for Christmas and Thanksgiving this past year.

Well, the aunt and uncle who are most upset about the treatment I have received from my family over the past year, their daughter is getting married.  Today, I received a save the date card in the mail.  Included with the card was a very sweet handwritten note basically telling me they wanted me at their daughter’s wedding regardless of what the rest of the family thought.  They also said that if the rest of the family has a problem with me being in attendance and cannot put their feelings aside long enough to celebrate their daughter’s wedding, they can stay home.

I cried when I read this.  While I know I have support from some of Mom’s family, that side is also known for not dealing with conflict…at all…and basically pushing aside the person or persons the majority feels have stirred the pot.  They like to put up this front that the whole family is so perfect when, in fact, my mom’s side is about as dysfunctional as they come.  And personally, I have never tolerated the facade they put up very well.  Its one of the reasons I am happy to live a few hours away from home.

With me planning to present full time in just a few months, both of these situations are going to bring some challenges.  I’m less worried about the situation at work.  As I said, I know I have all of the backing I need there.  The family stuff?  Yeah…that’s going to take a little more thought.  Apparently several of my mom’s siblings have already had some choice words with each other about me because of the holidays.

Its really going to be interesting to see where everyone stands when this is all said and done…

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Foxcity – Drift – Fatpack L

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