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I always laugh when one of my girlfriends tells me that I am more girly than they are.  I admit it, its a bit of a validating statement to hear from others, knowing the real me comes out like it does.  There is one area though where I am not all girly and that is college sports.

In my family, we were raised to be college sports fans, particularly University of Virginia fans.  Growing up in Virginia during the Terry Holland and Ralph Sampson years, Virginia basketball was almost a religion in and of itself.  We watched every televised game as a family and if UVa made the NCAA Tournament, everything stopped in my hometown for those games.

As I began disclosing my transition, one of the questions I was often asked was, “So are you going to quit doing things you always did in the past?  What about golfing, college sports and all the other things you have done and loved?  Are you giving those things up?”

I have two words to answer those questions.  Hell and No.

One of the common misconceptions about those of us transitioning is that we give up all of the activities we always talked about loving before.  That’s not the case at all.  Where is it written I can’t be a woman, be feminine and not love my sports?  Where is it written that these things have to change?  It ISN’T written anywhere.  The thing is, as we make this journey…we don’t change who we fundamentally are at heart.  We just change our expression and appearance of ourselves to the world around us.

Now, one of the ironic things about my love of college sports is it has blended so well with my love of entertaining.

For years, I would host gatherings for the ACC Basketball Tournament and for March Madness.  I would have friends over and we would eat, drink and scream and curse at the games pulling for the underdogs or crying because out tournament brackets were destroyed by an early upset.

Last year, I was all tears as my UVa Cavaliers, who were picked as the top seed in the entire tournament, became the first #1 seed in the tournament to ever fall to a #16 seed.  It was heartbreaking and yes, I cried.  I love my UVa Basketball team!

This year though, I get to celebrate.  All of the odds makers were betting Virginia would be the first of the four #1 seeds to lose.  Nope.  Wrong answer.  My Cavaliers have fought hard and are now in the Final Four for the first time since 1984, and they look unstoppable after the hard fought win they had over Purdue last night.

Hmmmm…I took a couple of years off from my Final Four parties due to school.  It might be time to invite the friends over for good drinks, delicious food and an amazing Final Four match up.

Hey, hey, UVa!!! Wahoo-waa! ♥

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Mixer Tomato

Metallic Photo Frame [Landscape]
Metallic Photo Frame [Portrait]
Metallic Photo Frame [Square]
Sakura Curtains

dust bunny
spicy fiesta . chips & guac
spicy fiesta . empanadas
spicy fiesta . fresh tortillas
spicy fiesta . loaded nachos
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spicy fiesta . tacos

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Merlot Wine Glass

marble rug A

Junk Food – Pizza Party Set [@ Access]
Cheese Pizza Box
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Lab Puppy Sitting – Mesh – Full Perm
Labrador Sitting – Mesh – Full Perm

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Kitchen Clutter Bowls
Kitchen Clutter Mixing Bowls
Kitchen Clutter Small Plates

Wanderlust – Vase no Books [@ Bloom]

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THB – Baker’s Table RARE
THB – Mixing Bowl Stack
The Kitchen – Bowls
The Kitchen – Dinner Plates
The Kitchen – Side Plates

JAC Boat Shack V1.0

Super long Hanging Hedera

sandwich table

Trompe Loeil
Blue Sky Beer

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  1. Katie McKenzie says:

    Congrats to your Cavaliers! That was one of the best college games I’ve ever watched! (My team bombed early so I’m looking for someone else to cheer for 🙂 ).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope you were pulling for my ‘Hoos! Wahoowa!!! ♥ lol

      Liked by 1 person

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