Winds Of Spring

N449 Winds Of Spring Blog

With the winds of March having died down, spring temperatures have finally found their way to Virginia.  While yesterday was a little cool with this cliche “April Showers,” today has been absolutely gorgeous.  I have opened all my windows to let the warm breeze come through.  There is only one problem though…

I can already see the pollen collecting on my dark wood furniture. lol

That’s ok though.  Last year, we didn’t really get a spring.  It went pretty much straight from cold to muggy hot here.  That being said, the next 5-7 days they are calling for primarily sun with highs in the upper 60’s to low 70’s.  With this sort of weather, my deck is calling me.  It already has today and what a joy it was to sit out there and do some reading.

Spring…you are welcome to stay with us as long as you want. ♥

See it on Flickr.

ACORN – Botanical Garden Set [@ Bloom]
Arch Garden Mirror
Metal Cabinet -White
Rustic Dining Chair -White
Tin Candle -Pink
Tin Candle Cluster -Pink
Wood and Iron Bench Seat -White

Apple Fall
Coffee & Muffin
Design Books
Macarons on Sketchbook

“Paper Flowers white” c/m 1.0 [@ Bloom]
“Sophia Pouf” single sit v.1.0 c/m [@ Bloom]
“Summertime Cottage” c/m V.1.0

dust bunny
book pile
cozy reading
hanging plants . cheese plant
hanging plants . double planter
hanging plants . ivy planter
hanging plants . spider planter
pilea peper plant
potted bromeliad
potted palm

*. emm
{ clutter : snack tray w. books }

Fancy Decor
Rene Books & Feathers

Grey Tabby Cat Paw Lick – Mesh – Full Perm

Little Branch

Books clutter

Vintage Desk – Book Stack

Potted Ponytail Palm [Ssize]

Starlight Designs
Fluffy Rug

Weimaraner Dog Lying – Mesh – Full Perm

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