If They Only Knew

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These words went through my mind so often throughout my life.  I mean…you think about the journey I am on and the fact I have always known I needed to do this…

But it goes beyond that.  All too often so many of us mask our real selves by what we wear or how we act.  I mean, some of the kinkiest people I know work in very professional positions.  The same with people I know who love tattoos.  All of them cover up these parts of themselves to lead their daily lives and most of us never know the real person.

We see it in friendships, romantic relationships and professional relationships.  I mean, hell…just look at most politicians because almost every single one of them has some sort of skeleton in the closet.

I know it will never happen, but I wonder what the world would be like if instead of us all wondering how people would judge us, we just said fuck it and let people see the real us.  Imagine all the heartache that would be saved.  All the wasted time we could have back.

Ironically too…the less we hide, the more we realize we are so much like all the other people in the world…

Scared of being judged.

See it on Flickr.

What I’m Wearing
Enemy Style – Alice Tattoo [@ The Liaison Collaborative]
RunAway Hair – Tashie Hair
Salt & Pepper – Bianca Harness & Panties
Utopia@Design – Rachel Boots [@ Uber]

Foxcity – Blay Ball 6 (Fatpack Exclusive)

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