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Why are we all so quick to react versus respond to others?  Why don’t we take a moment to breath before reacting and, for lack of better terms, show our asses?  I swear… sometimes it just kills me.  So many people fail to stop long enough to think about how to respond appropriately and respectfully and, as a result, think or act without taking 30 seconds to stop, breath and think so they can respond like adults.

I’ve always been attuned to this.  I used to be one of the worst people about reacting versus responding and lord, did it get me in a lot of trouble!  When I was going through my divorce, I learned the importance of responding versus reacting as my ex really worked to get me to react to her so she could use it against me.  I think she prided herself on being able to get me to react by pushing my buttons.  When I finally started stopping to think…and then responding…she showed her true colors for the remainder of the divorce and lord did it drive her nuts.

I have seen prime examples the past few days of people reacting without stopping to think.  In one example, it happened to a friend of mine where someone reacted without thinking.  Sadly, I witnessed the pain it caused her as someone reacted to something she said without taking the time to consider her point of view or the impact their words might have on her.  And honestly, the instant escalation was totally avoidable.

I also witnessed it with work recently.  I won’t go into all of the details except to say that one incident was blown totally out of proportion and, of course, the hammer was brought down immediately on myself and others without anyone taking 5 minutes to ask for the relevant details.  They never stopped to think that there might be mitigating factors and, as a result, put a lot of unnecessary pressure on myself and others…along with making a lot of accusations against multiple people…all based on a one sided story of one single incident.

And if you ever want a prime example of this playing out in day to day life…just scroll through Facebook for about five minutes and you will see it front and center.

I realize we all want to defend ourselves and our reputations but reacting instead of responding certainly does not help our reputations.  It only hurts us.  It also has this way of hurting those who are important to us when we react to them versus responding.  When I was in my internship, the number of relationships I witnessed that could have been perfectly healthy if one or both people just took and extra ten seconds to respond from reason instead of reacting from total emotion… I am sure you can imagine.

So please…all of us…including me…can we just stop and think?

We will all respect ourselves more if we respond to situations instead of reacting.

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