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This might seem like an odd shot to title Integrity, but in a way, it fits where I am tonight.

So I had a situation land on my desk at work today.  We have a new hire who has been in my department right about a month.  I was doing my monthly review of time and attendance and looked at her time sheet.  One month with us…and she has only arrived at work on time twice.  Bad, bad way to start a new job, wouldn’t you say?

Well…it gets worse.

Yesterday, when I was off work, she showed up for work two hours late.  AND… she submitted a missed clock in form saying she arrived at her scheduled time.  Looks like she needs to start her job search all over again.

I just don’t get some people and their lack of integrity.

I mean, I don’t like my job.  You all know that.  And when I say I don’t like my job, I mean I REALLY don’t like my job.  But you know what?  I show up to work on time.  I don’t falsify my time.  I do what I am supposed to do job duty wise.  And when I make mistakes…I own up to them and take whatever corrective action is deemed necessary.

This may sound crazy, but I feel like the sense of integrity is lost in today’s world.  Maybe I am generalizing too much.  I don’t know.  What I do know is my boarding school and college both had free standing honor systems run by the students.  In those honor systems, if you knew someone had lied or cheated, the honor code considered you just as guilty as the person charged with the act.  And you know what?  We, as students, took that honor code very seriously.

We saw honor and integrity at the core of how we defined ourselves.  It has guided so much of my life that even when I was making some of the biggest mistakes of my life, I confronted those poor decisions with integrity.  I mean…a long, long time ago, I almost lost my job because of one poor decision.  They could have fired me.  Even when it happened, I thought they should have fired me and would have been completely justified if they had.  The problem wasn’t an issue of integrity…just a really, REALLY dumb decision.  But when I walked in for my meeting…I walked in, was honest, asked them to look at my past performance and use that as the basis to give me the opportunity to show the integrity I had and my willingness to apply it every day at work.

They ended up letting me keep my job and HR has told me multiple times that the integrity I displayed through that, both in accepting responsibility and demonstrating that it was a one time mistake, helps guide them when consulting on whether or not fire someone or keep them.

Our integrity is such a huge defining factor in how we live our daily lives.  It drives our decision making process.  It drives how we respond to mistakes.

It drives how I confront the challenges of my transition.  It drives how I respond to those who don’t accept me.

My integrity is what allows me to look myself in the mirror at the end of each day and not hate the spirit inside me.

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What I’m Wearing
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Head & Ears – Catwa Catya
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Skin – Not Found – Piper Skin Bronze

Lyrium – Bento Close Up 1

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  1. Love these words!! 💕


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